ABQ London – the Breaking Bad pop up bar

Last night myself and one of my BFF’s (yes, I actually just said BFF!), Luisa-Christie, went along to ABQ, the much anticipated Breaking Bad themed pop up bar in Hackney Wick.


The ‘bar’ is actually an RV parked on astro turf to the rear of the Cre8 Lifestyle Centre at the old public baths (check them out, they’re always hosting cool stuff).


On arrival, guests were divided into teams to work together to ‘cook’ one of the themed cocktails. My team were given the chance to create ‘Sauls C2H6O’, a frozen rum cocktail (more of a sorbet really!) with blue curacao, rose hips and strained pink peppercorns.


The cooking process was in three stages; ‘Nitro Hectar’ during which some of the key ingredients were shaken in a canister with Nitrogen bullets (for 5 whole minutes – achey arms!), ‘The ABQ Mix’ in which we used a whisk to mix the Nitro Hectar with various liquids and dry ice, and ‘Albuquerque Sherbet’ to create a popping candy and sherbet topping. We had great fun, and our finished products (put together with the assistance of the people in yellow suits) looked pretty impressive!



As well as the cocktail we made, we also were able to sample one or two glasses (laboratory flasks) of the other teams creation, a rum based strawberry infused cocktail called ‘Blue Flynn’ along with complementing lines of strawberry sherbet.


Further drinks were available at a cost of £8.50 (regular alcoholic drinks, not the themed cocktails unfortunately) and there was a range of Breaking Bad merch for sale. I fell in love with the pink teddy!


A two hour slot at ABQ is priced at £31.60 (including booking fee), and was sold out last time I looked, but their website states that some tickets will be available through the Locappy app. So if you’re a fan of the show, or just fancy something a bit different, you have to snap one up! You’ll love it.


For more info check out http://abq.london/


Have you visited ABQ? What did you think?

L xx

All photo’s my own (okay, a few are Luisa-Christies!).

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