Bloodstock – 5 bands I’m looking forward to seeing

So on Sunday I’m off to Bloodstock Open Air, just for the day. It’ll be my third festival of the Summer (the other two so far were Slam Dunk South and Download), and I wish I was going for the whole weekend, but unfortunately adult life got in the way!

I’ve only been to Bloodstock once before, in 2010, but it’s a great little festival. It’s much smaller than the likes of Download and Reading/Leeds, but I like the intimacy, and I think it’ll be great for a day visit, as it means I’ll have the chance to have a proper look around without missing anything.

This isn’t an in depth music review (you will never find one of those on this blog, music either falls under the category of ‘I like it’ or ‘I don’t’!), just five songs by five bands I’m looking forward to seeing on Sunday.

Here goes;

5. Triaxis – Black Trinity

I have to start off with a Triaxis song! As I know the girls in the band, I’ve seen them play loads of times, but they’re always brilliant. And I’m not normally a fan of female fronted metal. It’s a shame they clash with Agalloch (at a stupid time on Sunday!) so I’ll have to split my time between the two.

4. Agalloch – In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion

I’m going to be honest, for me to pick a 12 minute long song as a favourite is virtually unheard of. I generally like instant gratification when it comes to music rather than something long and drawn out – although there are some obvious exceptions (Tool!). But this song has so much atmosphere, I love it. Agalloch are one of few bands I’ve wanted to see but hadn’t yet had the chance to. I just wish they weren’t going to be on so early on a Sunday morning!

3. Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots

Such an obvious Sepultura choice! Another band I haven’t seen before and am excited for.

2. Black Label Society – Damage Is Done

I love BLS (and Zakk Wylde) but the one and only time I saw them was awful. It wasn’t that THEY were awful, but the sound at the venue was so loud it was actually painful. Bear in mind I’ve been to A LOT of gigs, and this was the only time it was actually unbearable. So I’m looking forward to giving them another go. As for my song choice, I just like it.

1. Rob Zombie – Dragula

Rob Zombie is the real reason I’m making the effort to trek all the way to Derbyshire just for a day. I’m a massive fan. I love his music, I love his movies… It’s so hard to pick a favourite song, so I just went with Dragula because, well, it’s one everyone knows and as a fan of old horror movies I love the video (the song was inspired by an episode of The Munsters, the spoken word at the start is Christopher Lee from the movie Horror Express and the video contains loads of old horror movie clips).

No doubt you’ll hear more about Bloodstock after the weekend!

L xx

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