One Direction & Little Mix at the Apple Music Festival 2015

So the first music event I’m posting about on Girl At The Rock Show is One Direction and Little Mix, haha! But don’t worry, I’m not about to change to Girl At The Pop Show just yet (and trust me, I have plenty of amazing heavier events coming up in future posts – including an American festival roadtrip!).


Thanks to YPlan, myself and Luisa-Christie of Eat Sleep Luisa Repeat had the opportunity to attend the Apple Music Festival at Camden Roundhouse for what was possibly their most sought after show.

I’ve never been lucky enough to attend what was formerly the iTunes Festival before. I’ve always entered to win tickets but have never been successful. Typically, the time I get to go, it’s for an artist I’m not into, and don’t know much of! But if you’re going to broaden your horizons into the world of pop, what better way to do it than by seeing the world’s biggest boy band? (I think that’s pretty safe to say they are, right?)


The evening started with a performance from Little Mix. I’m not keen on their music if I’m honest, but the girls put on a great show. I really like how individual they are, while still managing to gel together as a group. I also hadn’t realised how truly beautiful Perrie Edwards is! She’s got me thinking maybe I should go back to my natural dark blonde for a bit…


When One Direction came on, the crowd didn’t go as crazy as I expected. I suppose it made sense, as they were an audience of ticket winners rather than One Direction fans. So I saw no fainting, and only a little high pitched squealing (typically from the woman right behind me!). In fact, the people around me seemed more excited at the presence of YouTuber Alfie Deyes in the audience.

Again, One Direction’s music isn’t my thing, however I liked a couple of their more singer songwriter style songs. And the boys put on a good show – the little blonde one (Niall?) had an incredible voice, and it was nice to see him playing the guitar a bit. Harry Styles, as expected, stole the show – but more for his audience interaction and prancing around the stage rather than for his performance.


I had a good evening – mostly because of how excited Luisa was! And I’m glad I went – it was a good experience!

There are a couple more pop shows on my bucket list – I have no shame in admitting my love for Taylor Swift, and Britney is an icon for my generation!

L xx

All (poor quality iPhone) photos my own.

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  1. September 30, 2015 / 5:05 am

    Very jealous you saw one direction! haha x

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