Sounds of Sennheiser – Momentum 2.0 Headphones

Last night I was really excited to have had the chance to attend an evening with Sennheiser and Currys PC World, where Sennheiser were showcasing their latest Momentum 2.0 headphone range.

The evening started with a generous free bar, some delicious canapes, and the chance to socialise with other bloggers. I had the pleasure of meeting some lovely ladies; Milly of Mini Adventures, Leanne of Broke In The Big Smoke, Claire of Country Mouse Claire, Olivia of Beauty From The Fjord and Danielle of Keep It Simp Elle amongst others. The venue, Noir W1 in Marylebone, was lovely, although the lighting made taking photos a tough task!


Representatives from Sennheiser were on hand to tell us all about the range and answer any questions we may have. I have to admit that, although obviously I’m a big music fan, I’m not somebody who usually splurges on headphones – I’ve always meant to, and a lot of my friends, who are heavily into their music always rave about Sennheiser. So I was really keen to give the range a try!

The products we were shown were the second generation in the Momentum range, having built on the already popular product by enhancing comfort and portability.


The Over-Ear style (RRP £269.99) were the real star of the show, which is no surprise as they were recently named EISA’s European Headphones 2015-2016. Available in three colourways; black, ivory and brown, they’re timelessly stylish, a really good looking pair of headphones that won’t date and the materials used (stainless steel and leather headbands/ear pads) are top quality – these look expensive. You can really tell that Sennheiser have put a lot of thought into the design; the leather ear pads make them ridiculously comfortable (perfect for those long haul flights!) and the headband is surprisingly flexible, you’d be surprised how far it bends! This really helps when folding these otherwise bulky headphones up into a more travel friendly size and shape.

As for the sound, I spent a little while trying out the Over-Ears, having a little silent disco for one listening to the new Bring Me The Horizon while the venue were playing house music. The sound was perfect, and even before I hit play on my iPhone, the ear pads manage to cancel out all the surrounding noise. Faultless.


I was really excited to hear that Sennheiser will soon be launching a Bluetooth wireless pair with Active Noise Cancellation, so I’ll be saving my pennies for those! They apparantly have a 22 hour battery life too (with Bluetooth and NoiseGard activated), which I think is pretty impressive!

The smaller On-Ear headphones (RRP £169.99 – but Currys PC World currently have a fab deal on!) have the same features as the Over-Ear, they’re just smaller and use Alcantara where the Over-Ear use leather. I don’t see this as a bad thing though, it’s still a high quality material (I personally didn’t notice the difference!) and makes the range more accessible to those who don’t like to purchase leather. As with the Over-Ears, they’re available in black, ivory and brown.


Also in the Momentum range are an In-Ear model (RRP £89.99). Currently available in a gorgeous black and red colourway, they’ll soon be released in a classic black chrome finish. I wasn’t expecting to be impressed by in-ear headphones – I’ve always found them a little uncomfortable and just use them as needs must for the gym really. But the Momentum In-Ears feature a personalised fit (they come with ear adapters in different sizes) promising optimum comfort as well as the expected top notch listening experience. As with the rest of the range, the materials used are luxurious; the In-Ears acoustic pipes are made of custom machined stainless steel (which apparantly produces more accurate sound). And, being someone who can destroy or jumble up a cable within minutes, I was really impressed with the strength of the tangle-free cable!

As well as finding out about the new products, we were treated to a couple of music related workshops.

Juno Records were on hand to teach us a little about vinyl. Being of the CD and digital music generation, vinyl isn’t something I’ve ever purchased, so I was really interested to hear that vinyl sales have been growing each year since 2011. It seems that new labels are keen to differentiate themselves from the download-only labels, and provide an attractive and collectible product for a more hands on, personalised listening experience. Makes sense to me!

One of the highlights of the evening for me was the mini DJ masterclass I received from John The Baptist. Having never DJ’d before, and having no natural rhythm, I think I was a hard one to teach!


The lovely Milly went straight after me and I think she did a much better job! To everyone who thinks DJs have a much easier job than live bands – trust me, there’s more to it than you’d think!


I had such an amazing evening, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing more Sennheiser posts from me in the not too distant future. Thank you for having me Sennheiser and Currys PC World! And thank you Joe Blogs for hooking a girl up!

To see more pics of the night, check out the #SoundsOfSennheiser tag on Instagram. You can read the official blog post here.

L xx

Pssst… I hear Broke In The Big Smoke may be doing a little giveaway sometime soon – keep an eye out!

All photos my own.

Please note that where applicable my links direct to the iPhone compatible models, the IEi. For Android you’ll need the IEG version.



  1. September 18, 2015 / 1:19 pm

    Ahhh I couldn’t make it. i was short noticed invited to a fashion event by Cosmopolitan and decided to attend that event instead. Such an epic night, I tell ya! Looks like the Sennheiser event was equally awesome. Oh and ou met Olivia, she is such a gem x

    Caz | Style Lingua

  2. September 18, 2015 / 3:10 pm

    Great post … great recap of the evening! You’re super speedy! Was lovely to meet you too!!

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