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I’m a metalhead at heart – I think that’s pretty obvious! But I’m always open to trying new things, so when Bulmers invited me to their Live Colourful LIVE event at One Mayfair last week I was really excited!

bulmers live colourful live

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I found the concept really interesting – Bulmers brought together grime artist Lethal Bizzle, British composer David Arnold and soul singer Sinead Harnett with a live orchestra to unite three distinctive genres in one track.

bulmers live colourful live

Bulmers have been promoting their Live Colourful campaign all Summer – their ethos being to open your mind, eyes and ears to all great things in the world. This really speaks to me, because about a year ago I grew tired of just listening to the same music, and going to the same kind of events, and decided to broaden my horizons. You can read more about Live Colourful here.

bulmers live colourful live one mayfair

One Mayfair is a really beautiful venue. Built in 1825, it’s a Grade 1 listed building, formerly St Marks Church. It was such a majestic setting for live music, and the acoustics were fantastic. I really hope I can manage to attend another event there before it closes its doors for good in March next year.

bulmers live colourful live one mayfair

Anyway, back to Live Colourful LIVE – the evening started with a solo performance by Sinead Harnett – who has a really powerful, beautiful voice.

bulmers live colourful live one mayfair

Sinead isn’t an artist I’d previously been aware of, and if I’m honest her music isn’t really my style – but I can’t fault her performance at all and look how cute she is! This isn’t Sineads first collaboration with a grime artist, she featured on a track with Wiley called ‘Walk Away’ in 2011 and has since worked with other artists including Rudimental. She’s currently working on a solo career.

lethal bizzle live colourful live

Lethal Bizzle followed, and I really enjoyed it! I have to admit, much like Professor Green when I saw Fall Out Boy, grime is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine! Lethal first came into the public eye in the early 2000s, as part of More Fire Crew, before branching out as a solo artist. He’s been pretty successful, and is one of the better known UK grime artists, but has also done a bit of acting and has his own t-shirt company, Stay Dench. He’s also been on Mastermind!

Once Lethal Bizzle had done his bit, Sinead returned to the stage, along with David Arnold and his orchestra.

bulmers live colourful live one mayfair

I didn’t know who David was until the evening, but I found out he composed the scores for five Bond films, as well as Independence Day, Stargate and Godzilla (and TV shows Sherlock and Little Britain, and the 2012 Olympics!).

I was surprised that I really, really liked the track, entitled ‘A Story’, which was premiered at the event. You can download it for free here.

bulmers live colourful live one mayfair

As well as the performances, there were Sennheiser headphone points where you could watch and listen to the promo video and we were given wristbands with LED lights that flashed in time with the music. Pretty cool!

live colourful live bulmers

Thank you Bulmers for a lovely evening, and for getting myself, Milly from Mini Adventures and Luisa from Eat Sleep Luisa Repeat a little tipsy!

Look at this selfie failure, haha!

bulmers live colourful live one mayfair

I’d love to hear what people think of A Story?

L xx

All photos my own unless otherwise stated.

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