The Ghost Inside Benefit Show featuring You Me At Six, Your Demise & Deaf Havana

So my final gig of the year was one of my highlights of the year – musically at least.

You know you have that band that are just so incredible live, so you go to all their shows? Okay, I have a few (BMTH and Slipknot being obvious ones!) but a couple of years back that band was Your Demise. And then they were no more. Bummer.


But on Friday night they reformed to perform at The Ghost Inside Benefit Show at Camden Underworld. If you’re a reader of my blog, chances are we have similar taste in music, so you won’t have missed the fact that the members of The Ghost Inside were involved in a pretty horrific bus crash last month, in which the drivers of both vehicles passed away. The band themselves are stable but in a very bad state and are facing huge medical bills.

It’s actually lovely to see people rallying around to help the cause. There have been a couple of benefit shows, other bands have made donations, and Epitaph are passing on all profits from the sale of The Ghost Insides music directly to the band (so get buying their records!). There’s also a hugely successful Go Fund Me if anyone wants to donate.


The benefit show was headlined by You Me At Six, with tickets on sale for a minimum donation of £20. Underworld is a ridiculously small venue for a band this size, so predictably tickets sold out pretty quickly! Now I’ll be honest, I know very little YMA6, but I really, really enjoyed their performance. Josh Francesci is an excellent front man and I think I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to see the band perform such an intimate show.


It was obviously Your Demise that I was there for (musically – although I would have tried for a ticket even if they hadn’t been playing, because it’s for a great cause) and they didn’t disappoint. They still have that great energy and crowd interaction, and Ed was hanging from the ceiling at points just like back in the good old days! There was a little entertaining moment when he had to check his phone to help with lyrics he’d forgotten, but that didn’t spoil things!yd

It was a bit of an odd combination of bands I think, although with it being a benefit show it didn’t really matter. But you could clearly see who was there for YD and who were there for YMA6!

I can’t not mention Deaf Havana, who opened the show. I’m a fan of the band, I find them quite chilled and I’ve seen them perform a lot around little West London venues over the last few years. The crowd was a little sparse for their performance (I think a lot of people who were coming for YMA6 didn’t arrive til a bit later) but there was such a great vibe and everyone got really involved. Deaf Havana have been consistently good each time I’ve seen them, but this time they raised the bar a little.


It was such a fun night, and I really hope the money raised helped a little toward helping The Ghost Inside.

L xx

All photos my own.

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