Sunday Summary 03/01/16

So, my first Sunday Summary of 2016! And, erm, it’s not a very good one because I haven’t really done much this week haha! But there won’t be a Sunday Summary next week (10th January) because I’ll be travelling back from San Diego, so I wanted to check in.

Disney On Ice

This was basically the highlight of my week – Disney On Ice at The O2 with my lovely friend SJ.

Before the show we ate from the bargain £12.95 2 course menu at Busaba Eathai which I really enjoyed – I’ve never been to a Busaba Eathai before, which is surprising as I love thai food and they’re everywhere.

I hadn’t been sure what to expect from the show but I really enjoyed it! It was really cute and featured performances from Toy Story, The Little Mermaid, Frozen and Cars, as well as appearances by Minnie, Mickey, Donald and a few others.


Quite predictably, my favourite were The Little Mermaid and Frozen!


The amount of merch on offer was crazy! Nothing seemed really branded ‘Disney On Ice’, it was more toys focused around the Disney characters featured in the show.


SJ did treat me to this awesome Ariel cup filled with the most difficult to eat slush ever though!


The slush cups came in a choice of Ariel, Frozen (Ana one side, Elsa the other) and Olaf. I loved how the Olaf one looked a bit like you’re eating his brain!


I’m definitely going to be taking my niece when the show comes back to London in Spring for their Silver Anniversary Celebration at Wembley Arena! You can book tickets here.

New Years Eve

Now, you might be surprised to hear (since people generally are!) that I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on New Years Eve. Both myself and my dog, Moose, are scared of fireworks so I spent the evening in bed watching movies and getting doggy cuddles. I also had a bottle of bourbon. It was actully pretty perfect.

Here’s a New Years Eve selfie, for you, haha!


How awesome is my Grill Em All tshirt though? Which reminds me, I still need to write a review post about that place. Because it was AWESOME.


So with January 1st came Veganuary. I did a big post about this on the day so I won’t babble on about it again. Basically, I’m going vegan for a month. Check back on 1st February to see how it went!


Well, that’s all from me for a bit – my next summary post will be on Sunday 17th January.

L xx

All photos my own.


  1. January 4, 2016 / 1:31 pm

    Loving the selfie and huzzah for Veganuary <3 you can do this! Lx

  2. María Alejandra
    January 5, 2016 / 4:54 am

    I just found your blog and really enjoyed reading this post! The pictures are super cute! Happy New Year, Lissa! xx

    Ale |

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