The Glam Clam, Tufnell Park

The Glam Clam was a pop up dining and cabaret experience, which took place at the Tufnell Park Dome from 16th to 20th December. So, I may be a little tardy in writing this post since I actually went to The Glam Clam, but I’m more concerned with getting you this review so you check out their future projects, so it’s not too bad, haha!


Anyway, my friend Kat and I went along to The Glam Clam, for the full dining experience courtesy of Design My Night. We were seated on a table in a prime location in the centre of the room, and I had Lucas, one of the organisers, next to me so managed to get a little insight into what they have planned next.


The Glam

For The Glam Clam The Dome was transformed into a jazz club based on speakeasys of 1920s Atlantic City.


The evening started with a champagne reception as guests were seated, before the entertainment began. There was live music from jazz diva Colette Cooper and a band of Ronnie Scott musicians, as well as drag queen burlesque and cabaret headed by Glyn Fussel of Sink The Pink, with intervals at each food course.


I know drag is really big at the moment, but this was my first experience of it, and it was great fun! The queens looked amazing, some were more stereotypically feminine while others had glitter beards – but they were all fabulous! And looked way better in those outfits than I would, haha!


There was a lot of crowd interaction from the queens – from lap dances to just intimate conversations, they made sure everyone was involved.

The Clam

Before the event I’d seen The Glam Clam featured on Design My Night, and seen people raving about it on social media. The menus for the evening were curated by food author and chef Gizzi Erskine – who I’m a fan of since she discovered one of my favourites, Le Bun. So I would normally jump at the chance of eating her food.


But, as someone who is a little skeptical of seafood, the fishy menu didn’t appeal so I was in two minds whether to go. So, if I’m honest, if I had had to pay for the event I probably wouldn’t have gone, and I would have missed out.

One thing I hadn’t seen ANYWHERE was that there was a vegetarian alternative to the seafood menu. I think that’s something they need to consider publicising for future as the lack of options likely put a lot of people off the dining package.

But, once seated, a waitress enquired as to whether I was a vegetarian. At that point I wasn’t, but a vegetarian option was preferential to me so I went for it. Before I tell you about what I ate, I’m going to write a little about the standard seafood option because it looked fantastic.

Before the waitress told me about the veggie food, I’d already tried the canapes (crispy chicken skin with Mottra caviar garnish) which were brought around on trays. They were okay – I’m not a massive fan of caviar but they weren’t at all bad. I have to admit I would not have guessed it was chicken skin at all!

The seafood starters were Southern fried oysters with old bay and Mellhenny mayonnaise, and New England crab cakes with fire roasted peppers and avocado puree.


The main course was New England clambake (including lobster) with green garlic butter and smoked sea salt. The juxtaposition of the plastic bucket for the shells in such a glam environment gave me a giggle.


The feedback from the other diners was that the food was excellent and I was astounded at the generous portions. The food was served family style so you could help yourself, and there was still lots left after people had gone back for seconds.

The vegetarian food was individually portioned (still generously!) with starters of Scrumpy-fried artichokes with Louisiana hot sauce and Mulhenny mayonnaise, and parsnip and hazelnut croquettes, fire roasted peppers and avocado puree. I was so impressed with these dishes, they were exciting and different and delicious. The parsnip and hazelnut croquettes in particular were lovely.


The vegetarian main was an amazing sweet potato bake with smoked sea salt. I was quite easy to please with this one as I love anything sweet potato. This was really filling, I only got about half way through.


We also had bottomless sourdough bread and butter for the table.

Both vegetarian and seafood diners had the same dessert – Christmas Mess. I’m a big fan of Eton Mess so I was very happy with it!


Throughout the meal, and the rest of the performance, our glasses were kept constantly (and I mean constantly, as soon as I was halfway down the glass it was full gain) topped up, and we were also treated to the occasional shot of Jagermeister.

Beforehand, I had thought that the £92.50 cost of the dinner package (£60 more than the entertainment only ticket) was a bit pricey. But having seen the quality and quantity of the food, and the drinks provided,  I think £60 for bottomless prosecco, festive cocktails, shots and the four course meal plus canapes is pretty reasonable.

What’s next for The Glam Clam?

Well, The Glam Clam will be returning for Valentines 2016, with their take on 17th Century London meets Vegas. I’m not sure if they will again partner with Gizzi, but either way, I’m excited!

L xx

All photos my own.

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