The Goblin King’s 5th Annual Masquerade Ball

Labyrinth is one of my all time favourite movies, and you know I love a reason to dress up, so how could I resist The Goblin King’s Masquerade Ball?

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Held at The Coronet Theatre in Elephant and Castle to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jim Henson’s cult film, and in tribute to the passing of its star and legend David Bowie, the 2016 ball was entitled ‘The Fall of The King’.


A lot of people ask me about the more unusual events I go to, or ask advice for dress codes etc, so I thought I’d start telling you all a bit more about the stuff I do. With an emphasis on what I wear.

The Ball

The Goblin King’s Masquerade Ball is an immersive dark fantasy costume event, loosely themed around Labyrinth. The blurb from the site explains it better than I can;

”This evening sees the World Turn’d Upside Down; Where Fools become Princes for one night. Where Nymphs, Bad Faeries, Goblins and other Creatures of the Night, beyond the realm of human vision, are free to dance, tempt, seduce, carry out acts of foolishness and wanton merrymaking. Dearest revellers cast aside thoughts of the next day and abandon yourselves to excesses and skullduggery, the time is upon us to witness of The Fall of The King.”

This was my first time attending the ball, but I know a few people who have been before, and from looking at the site as well, you can tell that the events follow a kind of story;

”Confusion is afoot in The Goblin Realm; tensions are at breaking point between The Goblin King’s Royal Army and a faction calling themselves The Tusk Rebels. Foul play is believed to be at hand, with many calling for an investigation into the Chancellor’s immediate clench of control. All ye who mortals who dare, choose your comrades wisely as you step forth towards the Goblin Kingdom.”

That’s a snippet, but if you’re interested you can read more here.

The detail put into the venue was great. Little details like the Bowie masks scattered in places, and small creatures from the movie.


These two guys even put in an appearance…


Photo by Kash R Photography

The Entertainment

Providing the entertainment at the event were a variety of underground circus, music and cabaret performers.


I really enjoyed some of the acts at the Rebels Cabaret. Look at these beautiful pictures of Syban…


Photos by Rob Voodoo

And this slightly more gruesome one…


Photo by Rob Voodoo

Another performer I loved was Bambi Blue. Not only was she entertaining but just drop dead gorgeous. And so nice!


Photo by Kash R Photography

There was life drawing arranged by Art Macabre – the two life drawing models captivated me. I actually bumped into one of them at another event recently, Dana Fox, and we linked up on Facebook. He has some really cool projects – including an event I really want to go to, Coven at The Resistance Gallery. I’m really pleased with the photo I took of them from the night.


The Costumes

I go to a fair few things where costumes are recommended or which have a strict dress code, but I’ve never been to an event before where everyone I’ve seen has made a real effort.


Photo by Rob Voodoo

The dress code was varied around the dark fantasy theme;

”Goblins, Bad Faeries, Terrible Trolls, Mischievous Nymphs, Unpleasant Pixies, Drunk Ogres, Denizens of The Goblin Citadel, Enchanted Creatures, David Bowie’s Many Incarnations, Neo Victorian, Venetian Masks, Ball Gowns, Dark Elves, Fawns, Satyrs, Wicked Giants, Jinn, Queen Mab, Sprites, Horrid Harlequins, Misbehaving Imps, Bogeys, Gelflings, Hags, Sylphs, Sinister Skeksis, Green Men, May Queens, Spirits of Chaos and Disorder, Pan, etc!”

I really liked this dress code, it was really open to interpretation. I actually really like dress codes in general, they’re much more fun than just wear whatever.

What I Wore

I based my outfit around my headdress, which I purchased from MieMoeShop on Etsy, and ended up with a Maleficent like dark fairy type feel.


I would 100% recommend MieMoeShop for anything like this. The quality of the piece was fantastic and it was absolutely beautiful. There was a mixture of black flowers and feathers on a black headband, with (faux) horns and a bird skull painted silver, and a crystal hanging onto my forehead.


My dress was the black taffeta Ophelie dress from Burleska. I almost bought the dress when I first saw it in costume shop So High Soho but I’m so glad I didn’t – they were selling it for a ridiculously overpriced £130, when you can buy it from Burleska’s own site for £84.95, or their shop in Camden for £70! I seriously cannot get over the mark up So High Soho put on it. It’s a really lovely dress, corseted (not steel boned unfortunately) with a lace and mesh high low skirt.

Sadly I don’t have a full length picture from the evening (my camera shyness is an issue when I’m writing outfit posts…), but here’s one of my trying on the full outfit in my favourite costume shop Mad World in Charing Cross when I was wig shopping.


In the end I went for a wig from Lush Wigs, called Berry Cooler. I wanted comfortable footwear so I stuck with my trusty plum studded flats from Topshop, which went nicely with the hair. And my everyday bag, the black frilly snake bag from Vivienne Westwood Anglomania went with the outfit well. On my wrists I had latex lace effect cuffs tied with ribbon from Elissa Poppy which I bought at Le Boutique Bazaar.

Oh and for when it was a little chilly I threw on my favourite pink studded biker jacket from Killstar.

Now I cannot do my own make up to save my life, so I popped in to MAC Cosmetics in Spitalfields and got them to do it for me. I was so happy with the result! My make up artist was Ibi Molnar, she was lovely and so talented!


What My Friends Wore

My friends and I ended up with very different outfits, all of which I felt were really indicative of our personalities. I was predictably dark and gothy.


Photo by Rob Voodoo

Luisa of Eat Sleep Luisa Repeat was a sparkly unicorn, which is her in a nutshell.  Her horn was another Etsy headwear purchase, from seller PrincessLAB.


Luisa’s dress is from ASOS and was on sale recently – if it’s still there in your size get it, it’s stunning. She wore it with an Ann Summers sheer black kimono, little frilly socks and her comfy black block heels, which I think she got from Vagabond.

The other member of our little friendship trip, Georgia, was an adorable kawaii cyber bunny. Her outfit evolved so much through the planning stages, and ended up completely different from her original idea.


Photo by Rob Voodoo

It was based around a UV mask and cuffs she had custom made from Maskadelic, whose masks we saw at London Alternative Market and Le Boutique Bazaar recently. You can also find them on Etsy. Look at it glow…!


For the base of her outfit she wore a plain white crop with a mint pastel PVC skater skirt from Black Milk Clothing, with a lace skirt from eBay on top, which gave it a bit more of a ball like vibe. Her shoes were the Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes in white which she wears all the time. They’re really cute though, and I’ve just purchased a pair myself.

Her outfit had some great details. Georgia is really into Shibari (Japanese rope tying) and it’s something I find really interesting and will be writing more about in future! She tied herself a harness of rope and hung little pocket watches from it. The white leather collar is by Carapace London – if you like harnesses and leather wear check them out!


I have to show you my friend Sarah’s amazing head dress which SHE MADE HERSELF. Look at it, it’s majestic.


Photo by Kash R Photography

Sarah’s friend Rhi also had a fantastic headpiece!


So, if you’re still with me, thanks for reading all that! It was such a fun event and I’ll be keeping an eye on what else Guerrilla Zoo come up with!

I have a few more events I’ll be writing about soon, next up is Psycho Ward

L xx

All photos my own unless otherwise stated. Thank you Rob Voodoo and Kash R Photography for the permission to use your photos!


  1. C O V E N
    May 20, 2016 / 10:39 pm

    Darling! What a lovely shout out about Dana Fox – but thank you so much for the C O V E N shout as well.

    Big love – and what a fabulous blog.

    See you at the witching hour 😉 xx

  2. May 22, 2016 / 4:25 pm

    Loved this! Especially all the oultfit details, loads of stuff I want to buy now!

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