Psycho Ward at Resistance Gallery

A little while ago now I went to Psycho Ward, ‘an evening of immersive psychofetishism and perverse performances’ held at Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, and I’ve been meaning to write about it for ages. But before I go any further, a little disclaimer – the content of this post is 18+ and not really for the faint hearted…


Now, if you know me, or follow my social media, you’ll know that over the last few months I’ve started attending a few alternative and fetish events. Quite a few people message me to ask what they’re like, or what I wear, as they’re thinking of going themselves. So I thought I’d just put it out there – so this will be the first of a series of posts about events like this, the next one being Sexhibition which I have coming up in a few weeks.

Anyway, about Psycho Ward…

The Event

Now if I’m honest, Psycho Ward was one of those events I’d been curious about for a little while, but with me being quite new to the scene, was a little apprehensive about.


Photo by James Copeman

But I really don’t know what I was worried about. While in theory a medical fetish night has the potential to be a bit daunting and intense, in reality it was tongue in cheek and intimate. Everyone was so friendly, especially host Cynth Icorn, and it was actually one of the most comfortable atmospheres I’ve experienced at an event like that.

Perhaps that was a lot down to the attendees – this is an event that people primarily come to through an interest in medical fetish, or because they tend to mix in these circles as the norm, which resulted in a welcoming, respectful crowd. And pretty much everyone made an effort with their outfits, but more about that in a bit.

For once, I arrived at an event early, as at the start of the night Psycho Ward put on medical role play, and I wanted to get involved. Beautiful latex clad nurses dish out shots out of giant syringes, and group therapy has participants making animal noises. Another treat for early arrivals are the chance to play with toys like violet wands and vac beds. You can read a bit more about the ‘immersive therapy’ here.


Photo by James Copeman

The venue, Resistance Gallery, is tiny, but perfect for a night like Psycho Ward. It’s dark and atmospheric, with clear plastic sheeting adorned with creepy words written in ‘blood’ giving the feel of an abandoned asylum. The ground floor holds the bar, stage and standing room, while the mezzanine level has a few pieces of medical furniture (renal beds, a proctology table, a traction table and ward beds), perfect for photo ops or a bit of play.

The Entertainment

Curated and hosted by heavy rubber model and fetish performer Cynth Icorn, Psycho Ward describes itself as a ‘hand mixed medicine’ – part fetish night, part goth club (the music played by DJ Darkstar and Heleness was my idea of perfect!), part art event and part theatre.

As would be expected, Psycho Ward featured a variety of performances along the medical theme. Here are a few pics of performers from the last couple…

I love tattoos, and beautiful women, and beautiful women with tattoos. So of course I love Aima Indigo.


Photo by James Copeman

And Sophia Disgrace…


Photo by James Copeman

Beatrix Carlotta put on a captivating performance as a hysterical, very bendy Victorian maniac.


Photo by Zac Zenza

And you may recall the beautiful Syban from my post about The Goblin Kings Masquerade Ball?


Photo by Zac Zenza

The Costumes

The dress code was ‘dress to distress’;

‘ward ware, lunatic chic, military medical, perverse patients, nyphomaniacs, demented dominas, disordered doctors, fevered fetishists, crazy club kids, art addicts, Frankenstein freaks, goth, steampunk, uniforms, alt, latex, PVC, corsets, leather.’

I was so impressed with some of the outfits. One of my favourites was latex designer Amy Statik in her own creation of pretty pastel latex and Iron Fist Glamour Guts heels with syringe headdress.


Photo by Zac Zenza

And Cynth had the most amazing clear plastic cupped bra and head restraint.


Seriously, look at this thing…


Photo by Zac Zenza

And at one point in the night she randomly appeared with a cast on her arm – that’s dedication!

I also bumped into Dana Fox, the achingly cool life model I met at The Goblin Kings Masquerade Ball, with his friends looking on point. Oh yeah, these three are holding a witchy event, Coven, at Resistance Gallery at the end of August – definitely one worth a visit!


Photo by Zac Zenza

What I Wore

Perhaps predictably, I went to Psycho Ward as a nurse – I mean, you have to, right? I was actually really pleased with my outfit, it’s one of my favourites so far.

I wore a Dexter inspired blood splatter print skater dress from my favourite clothing brand, Black Milk Clothing, but pulled down beneath my bust so my red Ann Summers bra was on display.


Over the top I wore a new favourite – a white leather harness that I bought from Psylo in Camden. I love this so much – I’d had this outfit idea in my head for a while but struggled to find a white harness, but this one I found in the Psylo store in the maze that is The Stables Market in Camden was better than I could have hoped for. The detail on this piece is fantastic, and it was a really great price – only £78!

I finished the outfit with a stethoscope, first aid kit bag and some bloody nurse accessories which I bought from Mad World in Charing Cross. On my feet were Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes in white.


Oh and I almost forgot the Lush Wigs Red Sea wig, which I love. I wish work would let me have my hair this colour for real…

What My Friends Wore

Despite our outfits not actually matching, Georgia and I still managed to look like a cutesy nurse duo!


With her pink Fever wig from Mad World, she had a bit of a Nurse Joy look. Her strapless PVC dress was from Trashy, which she’d bought a while ago, and she’d customised it into a halterneck using a bespoke white leather O ring collar made for her by Carapace London.


Photo by Zac Zenza

Speaking of Carapace London, also with us was our friend Harriet, the creative genius behind the brand. She’d made herself the most amazing, beautifully crafted patient outfit for the night, complete with bandaged head and boots! She looked incredible and in my opinion had the best outfit of the night.

I had such a fun time at Psycho Ward, it’s definitely one I’ll be going to again! And I can’t wait to check out one of Cynths other projects, Rubber Cult, which I have a ticket for in October. I need to go latex shopping…

L xx

All photos my own unless otherwise stated. Thank you Psycho Ward, James Copeman and Zac Zenza for the permission to use your photos!


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