50 Fabulous Things in London – A Bucket List

  1. Play darts to determine what you drink at Flight Club.
  2. Drink only cocktails from countries you’ve been to at Mr Foggs Tavern.
  3. Glam up 40s style for drinks at Cahoots.
  4. Admire the view from Sky Garden.
  5. Press the button for champagne and feel all fancy at Bob Bob Ricard.
  6. Climb to the St Pauls Cathedral Whispering Gallery and whisper dirty things to someone.
  7. Watch the sunset from Aqua Shard.
  8. Take a date to eat cheese in a cave at Gordon’s Wine Bar.
  9. Brunch at The Wolseley.
  10. Adventurous, exotic eating at Archipelago.
  11. Listen to bedtime stories in pyjamas at 40 Winks.
  12. Beat the boys at table football at Bar Kick.
  13. Snuggle on a sofa with a movie at Electric Cinema.
  14. Try not to be a sore loser playing board games at Draughts.
  15. Play beer pong at Porkys.
  16. Enjoy the trapeze artists over dinner at Circus.
  17. Look at dinosaurs after dark at Natural History Museum Lates.
  18. Drink at a bar behind a bookcase at The Vault.
  19. See a late night variety show at The Box.
  20. Dine in the dark at Dans Le Noir.
  21. Play detectives at Evans & Peel.
  22. Nightcaps at NOLA.
  23. See my favourite Shakespeare play at The Globe.
  24. Watch Mexican wrestling at Lucha Britannia.
  25. Play crazy golf in a bunker at Swingers.
  26. A tea party at Christabel’s.
  27. Embarrass myself at Hip Hop Brunch.
  28. Enter an immersive world of Grimm at Wigwam.
  29. Lose at pool at Original Sin.
  30. Pretend to be cultured listening to opera over dinner at Sarastro.
  31. Kitsch Italian through a phone booth at Bunga Bunga.
  32. Seedy Spanish hidden in Soho’s Red Light at La Bodega Negra.
  33. A secret restaurant in a clothes shop at Back in 5 Minutes.
  34. Toilets that shout at you at Opium.
  35. ‘London’s worst kept secret’ bar behind a peephole at Barts.
  36. Take a sermon from Reverend J W Simpson.
  37. A 70s style bar through a hidden wall inside a launderette at The King of Ladies Man.
  38. A Parisian prohibition style bar at Experimental Cocktail Club.
  39. Led through a kitchen to a hidden dive bar at Call Me Mr Lucky.
  40. Indulging my Alice obsession at Calloo Callay.
  41. Drinks in a public toilet at Ladies & Gentlemen.
  42. Londons alleged best speakeasy at Nightjar.
  43. A drinking den hidden under a Chinese takeaway at Ruby’s.
  44. Finding new ways to eat mine at the Creme Egg Cafe.
  45. Somewhere everything is for sale at The Shop.
  46. Take over one of the themed cabins at York & Albany.
  47. Cooking up molecular cocktails at ABQ – Done, read about it here and here.
  48. See snow fall over Hogwarts at Warner Bros Studio Tour.
  49. And on that subject, pose for a picture at Platform 9 and 3/4.
  50. Drink from blocks of ice at Ice Bar London.