This weekend I’m off to one of my favourite Summer events, Cocktails In The City: Summer Edition, and I’m excited!


Photo provided by Cocktails In The City

On Friday 29th and Saturday 30th July 2016, 25 of top London bars will be pairing up with their favourite spirits to set up pop up bars in one of London’s largest private Georgian gardens – Bedford Square Gardens in Fitzrovia.

A two day celebration of London’s vibrant and eclectic drinking scene, Cocktails In The City will feature cocktail tastings, interactive demonstrations, games and entertainment – including crazy golf, escape rooms (an Alice In Wonderland themed one no less!) and cabaret performances.


Image provided by Cocktails In The City

Throughout the event, hosts Bourne & Hollingsworth will be putting on a series of ‘Spirited Sermons’ – interactive spirit masterclasses hosted by ambassadors and master distillers, exploring topics including healthy drinking, the origins of rum and Mayan Balché.


Photo provided by Cocktails In The City

Food will be available from Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen (who by the way, created one of my favourite cocktails ever at the press preview of CITC, which I’ll tell you about in a moment) and there will be plenty of street food vendors as well.

Anyway, that’s enough blurb – just get yourself a ticket here for £15 (including one cocktail token – subsequent tokens available for £7.50) and come drink irresponsibly in the sunshine (hopefully, this is London after all!).

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the press preview event at Big Chill House in Kings Cross a couple of weeks ago – it was great fun, a cocktail shake off on a sunny rooftop!

Here I have for you my highlights of the night, and the recipes for them – so if you can’t make it to Cocktails In The City you can give them a go at home!

We Are Big Chill & Santa Teresa Rum – Watermelon Mojito

I love love love fizzy watermelon sweets, and We Are Big Chill gave me a whole watermelon full of them. Even without the candy bribe, their Watermelon Mojito was one of my favourites!


50ml Santa Teresa

50ml Muddled Watermelon

25ml Watermelon Syrup

15ml Lime Juice

Top with Mint


Add Lime Juice, Muddled Watermelon, Watermelon Syrup and Mint into a high ball, top the glass with crushed ice and add Santa Teresa. Churn the cocktail, top up with crushed ice and garnish with mint sprig and a skewer with 2 watermelon sweets.

Looking Glass Cocktail Club & Aviation Gin – Microlight

This is a low sugar martini style cocktail, which Looking Glass served in a small bottle to take away! A classic tasting gin cocktail – strong yet fresh, with subtle spice and floral notes, this was one of the only cocktails presented which wasn’t specifically Summery. But it was just so good.


35ml Aviation gin

15ml Reina Lab. Mastrostefano vermouth (no added sugar)

5ml Reina Lab. Tonic syrup

5ml Reina Lab. Campi Elisi creme de aquavit

2 dash Reina Lab. Ada’s Lavender bitters


Photo provided by Cocktails In The City

Loves Company & Reyka Vodka – Walk on the Wild Side

They definitely put the effort in with the presentation on this one…


Reyka Vodka



Herb Syrup of your choice (thyme/rosemary or basil)

Choice of berries

Edible soil made of Reyka Vodka infused with Black Forest Gateau


Photo provided by Cocktails In The City

Shake all ingredients and pour into a plant pot. Garnish with edible soy made of Reyka Vodka infused with black forest gateau.

First Aid Box & Chambord – Chocolate Brioche French Martini

This one was fun, served in a mini Chambord bottle with a side of brioche! Not sure how you infuse the Chambord with brioche in the first place, so you just leave it the cake in the bottle for a bit maybe?


25ml Brioche- infused Chambord

25ml gin or vodka

20ml lemon juice

50ml pineapple juice

2 dashes cherry bitters

Oh, and I had to show you their mixologists suit!


Fifteen & Langley’s Gin – Strawberries and cream

Remember I told you this was my favourite? Of course it would be, because it is the most ridiculously awkward thing to make! But if you have a party coming up and two days spare, here’s how to make 20 servings…


Day 1

2x Punnets of good quality Strawberries

1x Handful of tarragon

15x Coriander seeds

20x Pink Peppercorns

250ml Lemon Juice

250g Granulated Sugar

2x Lemon Peels

250ml Green Tea

750ml Coconut Water

700ml Langley’s Gin

650ml Dolin Dry Vermouth

Add all the ingredients which are not liquid based in a large container with hot green tea, muddling the strawberries and stirring until sugar dissolves, forming a syrup. This will be your base. Add rest of the ingredients, cover the top and leave refrigerated over night. This is Batch#1.

Day 2

1000ml Whole Milk

130ml Lemon Juice

Heat the milk in a large pan until boiling point, pour in lemon juice and take off heat and leave for 15mins or until you can see the milk split. It’s going to look like a baby just threw up everywhere. Normal. This is Batch#2.

Get another large container with a large sieve or shinao and a cheese cloth or a J cloth over it. Gently poor Batch#2 through it first, then Batch#1, filtering it. This will take sometime – the filtering process is just a waiting
game but be sure not to push anything through. You can then bottle it up and keep it cold.
If anyone actually gives this one a go, please let me know!

Photo provided by Cocktails In The City

For more cocktail recipes, have a look here.

If you’re interested in reading a bit more about Cocktails In The City events, take a look at my post from earlier this year.

L xx

All photos my own unless stated otherwise.

A little while ago now I went to Psycho Ward, ‘an evening of immersive psychofetishism and perverse performances’ held at Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, and I’ve been meaning to write about it for ages. But before I go any further, a little disclaimer – the content of this post is 18+ and not really for the faint hearted…


Now, if you know me, or follow my social media, you’ll know that over the last few months I’ve started attending a few alternative and fetish events. Quite a few people message me to ask what they’re like, or what I wear, as they’re thinking of going themselves. So I thought I’d just put it out there – so this will be the first of a series of posts about events like this, the next one being Sexhibition which I have coming up in a few weeks.

Anyway, about Psycho Ward…

The Event

Now if I’m honest, Psycho Ward was one of those events I’d been curious about for a little while, but with me being quite new to the scene, was a little apprehensive about.


Photo by James Copeman

But I really don’t know what I was worried about. While in theory a medical fetish night has the potential to be a bit daunting and intense, in reality it was tongue in cheek and intimate. Everyone was so friendly, especially host Cynth Icorn, and it was actually one of the most comfortable atmospheres I’ve experienced at an event like that.

Perhaps that was a lot down to the attendees – this is an event that people primarily come to through an interest in medical fetish, or because they tend to mix in these circles as the norm, which resulted in a welcoming, respectful crowd. And pretty much everyone made an effort with their outfits, but more about that in a bit.

For once, I arrived at an event early, as at the start of the night Psycho Ward put on medical role play, and I wanted to get involved. Beautiful latex clad nurses dish out shots out of giant syringes, and group therapy has participants making animal noises. Another treat for early arrivals are the chance to play with toys like violet wands and vac beds. You can read a bit more about the ‘immersive therapy’ here.


Photo by James Copeman

The venue, Resistance Gallery, is tiny, but perfect for a night like Psycho Ward. It’s dark and atmospheric, with clear plastic sheeting adorned with creepy words written in ‘blood’ giving the feel of an abandoned asylum. The ground floor holds the bar, stage and standing room, while the mezzanine level has a few pieces of medical furniture (renal beds, a proctology table, a traction table and ward beds), perfect for photo ops or a bit of play.

The Entertainment

Curated and hosted by heavy rubber model and fetish performer Cynth Icorn, Psycho Ward describes itself as a ‘hand mixed medicine’ – part fetish night, part goth club (the music played by DJ Darkstar and Heleness was my idea of perfect!), part art event and part theatre.

As would be expected, Psycho Ward featured a variety of performances along the medical theme. Here are a few pics of performers from the last couple…

I love tattoos, and beautiful women, and beautiful women with tattoos. So of course I love Aima Indigo.


Photo by James Copeman

And Sophia Disgrace…


Photo by James Copeman

Beatrix Carlotta put on a captivating performance as a hysterical, very bendy Victorian maniac.


Photo by Zac Zenza

And you may recall the beautiful Syban from my post about The Goblin Kings Masquerade Ball?


Photo by Zac Zenza

The Costumes

The dress code was ‘dress to distress’;

‘ward ware, lunatic chic, military medical, perverse patients, nyphomaniacs, demented dominas, disordered doctors, fevered fetishists, crazy club kids, art addicts, Frankenstein freaks, goth, steampunk, uniforms, alt, latex, PVC, corsets, leather.’

I was so impressed with some of the outfits. One of my favourites was latex designer Amy Statik in her own creation of pretty pastel latex and Iron Fist Glamour Guts heels with syringe headdress.


Photo by Zac Zenza

And Cynth had the most amazing clear plastic cupped bra and head restraint.


Seriously, look at this thing…


Photo by Zac Zenza

And at one point in the night she randomly appeared with a cast on her arm – that’s dedication!

I also bumped into Dana Fox, the achingly cool life model I met at The Goblin Kings Masquerade Ball, with his friends looking on point. Oh yeah, these three are holding a witchy event, Coven, at Resistance Gallery at the end of August – definitely one worth a visit!


Photo by Zac Zenza

What I Wore

Perhaps predictably, I went to Psycho Ward as a nurse – I mean, you have to, right? I was actually really pleased with my outfit, it’s one of my favourites so far.

I wore a Dexter inspired blood splatter print skater dress from my favourite clothing brand, Black Milk Clothing, but pulled down beneath my bust so my red Ann Summers bra was on display.


Over the top I wore a new favourite – a white leather harness that I bought from Psylo in Camden. I love this so much – I’d had this outfit idea in my head for a while but struggled to find a white harness, but this one I found in the Psylo store in the maze that is The Stables Market in Camden was better than I could have hoped for. The detail on this piece is fantastic, and it was a really great price – only £78!

I finished the outfit with a stethoscope, first aid kit bag and some bloody nurse accessories which I bought from Mad World in Charing Cross. On my feet were Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes in white.


Oh and I almost forgot the Lush Wigs Red Sea wig, which I love. I wish work would let me have my hair this colour for real…

What My Friends Wore

Despite our outfits not actually matching, Georgia and I still managed to look like a cutesy nurse duo!


With her pink Fever wig from Mad World, she had a bit of a Nurse Joy look. Her strapless PVC dress was from Trashy, which she’d bought a while ago, and she’d customised it into a halterneck using a bespoke white leather O ring collar made for her by Carapace London.


Photo by Zac Zenza

Speaking of Carapace London, also with us was our friend Harriet, the creative genius behind the brand. She’d made herself the most amazing, beautifully crafted patient outfit for the night, complete with bandaged head and boots! She looked incredible and in my opinion had the best outfit of the night.

I had such a fun time at Psycho Ward, it’s definitely one I’ll be going to again! And I can’t wait to check out one of Cynths other projects, Rubber Cult, which I have a ticket for in October. I need to go latex shopping…

L xx

All photos my own unless otherwise stated. Thank you Psycho Ward, James Copeman and Zac Zenza for the permission to use your photos!

So yesterday myself and Luisa-Christie of Eat Sleep Luisa Repeat shared a lovely candlelit dinner. Naked. Now before you get too excited, we weren’t taking our friendship to the next level – we were visiting The Bunyadi, London’s first naked restaurant, on it’s trial run.


Image from The Bunyadi

Don’t expect this post to have many pictures because we weren’t allowed to take photos into the dining area, for obvious reasons.

So, what is The Bunyadi? And, well, why?

Pronounced bon-ya-dee, bunyadi is apparantly a Hindi word meaning fundamental, base, natural. Although I could only find an Urdu translation, giving it the meaning substantive. Both however, seem to get to the point that The Bunyadi are trying to make.

The Bunyadi is the new creation from Seb Lyall of Lollipop – the man who brought London the Breaking Bad bar, ABQ (you can read my reviews of ABQ here and here).

After serving over 65,000 Breaking Bad fans self mixed molecular drinks in the cult yellow trailer of ABQ, Lollipop have gone for something completely different this time – taking diners to “a beginning where everything was fresh, free and unadulterated from the trappings of modern life”.


Image from The Bunyadi

The intention was to really go back to basics – guests are enveloped in The Bunyadi’s immersive Pangea-like world, free from technology (yep, that means no phones!), electric lights and even clothing.

The ingredients for the set five course meal are natural and home grown, and the wood-flame grilled meals are served on handmade clay crockery with edible cutlery. The only light in the dining area comes from candles, and the furniture is just tree stumps.

“We believe people should get the chance to enjoy and experience a night out without any impurities: no chemicals, no artificial colours, no electricity, no gas, no phone and even no clothes if they wish to. The idea is to experience true liberation.” Seb Lyall

I didn’t have much of a chance to chat to Seb, but my friend Alex did (he’s recently started up a new blog called Eat Play Pixels which I promise you will be all kinds of awesome), and you can check out his convo with Seb in his post about The Bunyadi here.

The Venue

Now, I’m not allowed to tell you exactly where The Bunyadi is. The official reason being they want to keep it a secret and don’t want others to get involved. To the outside world it’s just a cocktail bar.

But I can’t help thinking it might have something to do with the hate mail Seb has received as a result of this new project (yep, HATE MAIL, and threats, from haters of nudity across the world). The Bunyadi has been covered by press in over 110 countries – and not all of them are as open minded as us Brits.

So I’m just going to tell you it’s an inconspicuous (to the point it is kind of obvious something’s going on, if you get what I mean), blacked out bar somewhere South of the river.

The venue is designed to be split into two sections (“pure” and “clothed”), and has a capacity of 42.


Image from

“We have worked very hard to design a space where everything patrons interact with is bare and naked. The use of natural bamboo partitions and candlelight has enabled to us to make the restaurant discreet, whilst adhering to the ethos behind it. No doubt, this has been the most challenging project for us yet, which makes us very excited about it” Seb Lyall

The Experience

Once you’ve made it past the bouncers at the door, you step into a dark bar area – so dark that it takes a while for your eyes to adjust to the soft lighting. When they do, you feel as though you’ve stepped into some kind of secret, exclusive spa – guests around you are dressed in white towelling robes, sipping on cocktails and sitting on tree stumps.

This is the ”non naked area” – where you wait to get changed before the experience, or come after for some drinks while still gowned.

The bar is the focal point of the room (I imagine it’s a permanent fixture in the venue as it doesn’t quite fit the aesthetic). We were a little early so we grabbed a couple of cocktails. They were great, really fresh. and our bartender was fantastic – so friendly and happy to substitute vodka for gin in my chosen cocktail.


Photo from The Bunyadi

While we sipped on our drinks, we read through a list of rules we were handed on entry. There are lots of rules.


When one of the changing rooms became free, we were led down the ‘path to purity’ (an unlit corridor) into a very small room with some lockers and a curtain for privacy. Inside each locker was a towelling robe and some slippers (which you can keep). You leave EVERYTHING in your locker – when you leave the changing room it’s just you, your robe, slippers and a key.

So we got into our robes and returned to the bar area until it was time to dine.


Photo taken by Alex Shebar

Once again walking down the path to purity, we were greeted by a very attractive, very pert, almost naked waitress. By almost naked I mean she wore a flesh coloured thong with some leaves decorating it.

I was taken by surprise – when I’d read that clothing was optional and diners could remain in their robes, I had expected the servers to. But nope, we were treated to lots of lovely boobs. I mean there were male servers there too, but meh, boobs.

And while I’m talking about boobs, maybe this is the time to emphsasise the point that The Bunyadi is not a sexual experience. Remember rule number one – No indecency or nuisance or any sexual activity of any kind is allowed.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the female form. Anyway…

The dining area, which is the ”naked and pure” area was a lot more private and a lot less intimidating than I had expected. Each dining table is hidden behind bamboo partitions – you can have a little peek through and make out what’s going on around you if you like, but in our little kind of cubicles, with the soft candlelight, I actually felt quite comfortable. Not what I’d been expecting at all.

In my head, a load of naked diners were sitting at tables in one big room. Just like a regular restaurant but no clothes. The reality was actually rather pleasant.

It was starting to feel like a spa. Or a sauna. It really was overly warm in there.

The tree stump furniture wasn’t comfortable. And I’m glad I had that robe because, y’know, splinters. Which would have been very bad.

We were served five courses (naked vegan or naked non-vegan) over around 90 minutes. It was perfectly timed – leisurely but not slow. Service was fantastic (as well as easy on the eye) – our waitress was lovely, knowledgeable about the food and the experience, and seemed to really enjoy telling us about the inspiration behind each dish.

The Food

Although the food claims to be cooked on a wood fire, I’m pretty sure everything I ate was raw. But that was okay because it was all surprisingly delicious.

You have a choice of naked vegan or naked non-vegan menus. Although only courses two and three actually differ.

I went for the naked non-vegan. Luisa, of course went for the naked vegan and you’ll be able to read about that on her blog very soon.

I’m a recent convert to raw food (after the lovely afternoon tea I had at RAW La Suite West) and I really enjoyed the food at The Bunyadi. I had been concerned that the food may be sub-par, with the emphasis on the experience as a whole, but this is not food to turn your nose up at.


Photo from The Bunyadi

It was all really fresh, well thought out and beautifully presented. These were quality ingredients and exciting combinations. Edible flowers made an appearance on several occasions.

The highlights for me were the coriander steak tartare main with goji berries and basil and nettle oil, and the dessert of chia mousse with blackberries and raw crumble. If it were a regular restaurant I would return and order these. Probably a few times.

And the raw veg first course, with it’s serpent like spice filled skewer of cucumber and a dressing which was a kind of appley, cucumbery soup, was surprisingly enjoyable. This one was inspired by the Garden of Eden, and I couldn’t help but smile at the enthusiasm our waitress showed when telling us all about it.

You can take a look at sample menus here.

The Drinks

The bar in the non naked area served a variety of classic cocktails, wines, lagers etc, as well as some signature cocktails which perfectly fit with the theme. I went for the Jal with watermelon, berries and agave, substituting vodka for gin. It was a good cocktail, worth the £9.50 price tag.


Now one thing that was a slight annoyance – in the dining area you could only order wine (by a half or whole bottle), or drink the rather lovely cucumber water from the pitcher on the table. If you want a cocktail or other drink you have to get it in the bar area, and take it through, decanted into a ceramic cup as your glass isn’t allowed in. You can’t order more once you’re in there.

You can take a look at the cocktail menu here.

What did I think?

Well, as a blogger, I’m one of the worst culprits for photographing everything I do, tweeting during dinner… you get the picture. Without access to our phones, Luisa and I actually focused on each other, which was actually quite lovely.

I really enjoyed the food and the experience – I had been sceptical beforehand. It isn’t something I’d do again, but that isn’t criticism and the intention of The Bunyadi isn’t for it to be a regular evening out.

As a one off experience I would recommend it. If it’s within your budget. Once you’ve paid for the meal and a couple of drinks you’re looking at around £100 per head.

So how do I get to go?

The Bunyadi will be open from this Saturday for around three months. It’s priced at £68.99 which includes the 5 course meal, a robe and slippers (although if you visited ABQ you can purchase tickets at a reduced price of £49).

You can sign up to go on the 40,000 strong waiting list of people wanting to buy tickets and make a booking here.

If you go, I’d love to hear what you think!

L xx

*Although the meal was provided free of charge by The Bunyadi, this has not affected my opinions or the content of this post.

I’m just home from the launch party at House of Vans for their collaboration with Nintendo and had to tell you all about it.

IMG_0543The Collection

One of my favourite casual footwear brands, Vans, today unveiled an awesome collection of clothing, footwear and accessories using 8-bit inspired graphics and characters from some of Nintendo’s classic games, including Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt and Donkey Kong.

I really love what Vans have done with this collection. They’ve combined classic characters with modern styling. Amongst others, there are the tie dye Mario pieces…


Image provided by Vans

The Hawaiian Donkey Kong collection…


Image provided by Vans

And cool Game Over graphics…


Image provided by Vans

Top of my wishlist are the Princess Peach pieces – especially the backpack.


Image provided by Vans

And these low tops…


The collection is officially released tomorrow (Friday June 3rd) but subscribers to the newsletter got a head start today with a pre-sale link.

The Exhibition

To celebrate the collaboration, House of Vans in Waterloo is holding an interactive Nintendo exhibition from 3rd to 19th June 2016.


Celebrating the early days of video games, the Gallery Tunnel has been transformed to pay homage to all generations of Nintendo consoles, from the current Wii U to the old school NES, SNES and Nintendo 64.


The exhibition features Nintendo themed artwork and memorabilia from Nintendo’s various franchises, including Super Mario, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda.


Visitors can play classic games such as Duck Hunt (NES), Super Mario World (SNES), Donkey Kong 64 (N64), The Legend of Zelda – The Wind Waker (GameCube), Mario Kart Wii (Wii) and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U).


In the cinema space you’ll find a large-scale tournament going on as well as ongoing public competitions – with a range of prizes from Nintendo and Vans to the lucky winners.

If you aren’t into video games there’s a ring toss with prizes. I got a cool goodie bag…


How great do I look in my Mario hat…?


The Launch Night

The launch night this evening was great fun!

Mario himself was there, playing on the ring toss.


There was Mario Kart on the big screen…


Nintendo themed canapes…


Photo provided by Vans

and Princess Peach bellinis!


House of Vans always put on really cool events, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

L xx

All photos my own unless stated otherwise.

Last week I scored an invite to what is basically my perfect foodie event – BBQ and beer at Bodean’s!


Photo provided by Bodean’s

To celebrate the recent opening of the Covent Garden branch, Bodean’s put on a special food and beer pairing for us in collaboration with some of their favourite breweries.


Now I tend to avoid pairings usually as they’re usually wine – and while I like a nice glass of red now and then, too much of the stuff will have me under the table. But, beer on the other hand… beer I can drink! Don’t worry, I don’t need to be admitted to the Transition Recovery Program anytime soon, I always moderate.

The Pairings

Course 1 – Kona Brewery from Hawaii ‘Big Wave Golden Ale’ with Mexican Chicken Salad


When I think Bodeans I don’t think salad. Well, I might in future because the Mexican Chopped Salad with Grilled Chicken was pretty special.

With avocado, tomatoes, black beans, radish and wild rice, dressed in honey, lime and coriander, this was basically a naked burrito. And I love burritos. In all their forms.

I’ve recently started thinking I need to do something about my weight, but I love food so much! This salad however has made me realise that there are healthy options even in the most unexpected of places. And without the chicken this is a fantastic Vegan option – I didn’t expect anything Vegan friendly at Bodean’s!


Big Wave Golden Ale was the perfect accompaniment. Smooth and easy to drink, with mango and lychee aromas, I could drink this one all day.

Course 2 – Boulevard Brewing Co. from Kansas City ‘Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale’ with Pulled Pork and house coleslaw

Ah, the pulled pork – one of Bodean’s stand out dishes. What can I say about it? What do I actually need to say about it? It was delicious. But you knew that already.

I will give the house coleslaw a mention though, as it’s unusual for me to actually like coleslaw. I really dislike mayo, and coleslaw is usually basically just that. Not this coleslaw though. This was cabbage heavy and light. A perfect contrast to the pork.


Boulevard Brewing Co actually had a representative at the event who gave us a little insight to the drinks of theirs we were sampling (as well as Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale, an IPA was served with course 4).

Tank 7 was my favourite of the beers we tried. Typical given it had a whopping 8.5% alcohol content – trust me to like the one that will get me wasted! Named after the rather difficult fermenter number 7 it was brewed in, Tank 7 is a complex, fruity Belgian style ale with a dry finish. I’ll be honest, this is one I’d prefer for standalone drinking to pairing with BBQ though.

Course 3 – Sierra Nevada from Chico, California ‘Tropical IPA’ with Cajun Swordfish with mango salsa and pan fried okra

Now this dish was the most interesting for me. I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to fish – I’m always a little hesitant to try it. And not only was this my first time trying swordfish but also okra! I’d heard bad things about okra but it was actually pretty nice. It tasted, erm, a bit furry? But not in a bad way. I know how weird that sounds.

Anyway, the swordfish. It was really nice! Texturally a bit meaty, but I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what generally eating swordfish is like. I’m not sure it was particularly ‘cajun’? But it was good so I didn’t really care.


Funnily, the foods I hadn’t tried before were served with the one beer I had – Sierra Nevada’s Tropical IPA. So I already knew I liked it. Tropical IPA is their special seasonal beer for Spring 2016 – created as part of their Beer Camp in which beer fans visit the brewery to make their own creations. Each season one is picked to go into production. I’m not surprised this light, refreshing IPA with hints of mango, papaya and bitter orange made the cut, it’s lovely.

Course 4 – Boulevard Brewing Co ‘Single-Wide IPA’ with Baby Back Ribs with seasoned fries

Apparantly Bodean’s do the ‘best ribs this side of the Atlantic’ (no idea who actually said that but it’s quoted on their site!). I won’t argue to be honest because if I have had better baby back ribs in London then I don’t remember them. Not too messy but just messy enough, the meat just falls off the bone. Meaty, barbecuey perfection.


They were served alongside another Boulevard Brewing Co beer – this time the Single-Wide IPA. I do enjoy a good IPA and this was a nice one. Medium body, medium bitterness with a floral aroma and slight caramel flavour. Another that I could just drink and drink.

Course 5 – Fullers Brewery from London ‘Black Cab Stout’ with Homemade Chocolate Brownie and vanilla ice cream

Does anyone ever make it to dessert at Bodean’s? I was stuffed by this point but who could resist a mini portion of homemade chocolate brownie? Decadent and delicious.


And it went perfectly with the Black Cab Stout. I was a little unsure of this one – I’m not usually a stout drinker – but it was good! With hints of red berry and caramel, the chocolate malts in the stout made this perfect to go with dessert. Not sure I could drink it all the time though!

The Restaurant

Now, if you’re not familiar with Bodean’s, I’m pretty certain you’ve either not been to London or just don’t like BBQ food.

But just in case – Bodean’s is London’s original smokehouse, with six branches across the city – Soho, Fulham, Tower Hill, Balham, Covent Garden and the newly opened Old Street.


Photo provided by Bodean’s

Located in the heart of London’s theatreland, the Covent Garden branch is a pretty recent addition, having only been open a couple of months. I’d never been to this Bodean’s before but now it’s one of my favourites!

I love the detail that has gone into the décor – there are little pigs all over the place!

From the bar…


to this giant artwork made up of lots of teeny piggys…


to the flashy BBQ sign. Cute.


I had such a lovely evening with Bodeans and some other bloggers – including a couple of my favourites; Kariss from Shy Strange Manic and Milly from Mini Adventures.

Thanks for having me Bodean’s!

L xx

All photo’s my own unless specified otherwise.

Bodean's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

You won’t often find me posting about wine – I’m more of a spirits person (and I get way too drunk way too easily on anything grape based!) – but when Le Petit Ballon invited me down to their Spring Aperitif event at my favourite burger restaurant in London, Big Fernand in Soho, well how could I say no?

Le Petit Ballon

Image provided by Le Petit Ballon

Le Petit Ballon are a French wine specialist who, as well as having their own store in Paris, provide a wine subscription box service in France, Belgium and the UK.

The Box

A pioneer in the world of wine subscription boxes, Le Petit Ballon is a fun, easy to understand wine box. Perfect for a novice (like me!) but equally as good for a connoisseur – there are actually two boxes to choose from;

The Apprentice (£24.90 per month) – Recommended for those wanting a head start in the world of wine, the Apprentice offers something a little different, but excellent value for money.

The Master (£39.90 per month) – Featuring more prestigious and well known labels, this one is perfect for building your wine cellar (living in London I can’t imagine I will ever have space for a wine cellar, but that isn’t the point here…).

le petit ballon

With a Le Petit Ballon subscription, you received two bottle of wine per month, carefully selected by their sommelier, Jean-Michel Deluc, based on your preferences. You also receive their monthly magazine, ‘The Gazette’, and some handy tasting notes (the ‘cheat sheet!’). Oh and subscribers get a discount at their online store too!

It’s a nicely presented package – modern yet classy and I can’t help thinking the branding is aimed at a younger, newer clientele – people like me.

The Wine

You’re in safe hands with Jean-Michel – as the former Head Sommelier at The Ritz Paris, he’s a man who knows his stuff. I was given the opportunity to interview him at the event but I’ll be honest, I was clueless as to what to ask!

Le Petit Ballon

Image provided by Le Petit Ballon

I know next to nothing about wine, and if I’m honest I find it all a little bit daunting. My wine selection is usually based on what’s on offer or what has a pretty label, haha! But I think Le Petit Ballon have really stripped back the wine selection process and made it a little more accessible and easy to approach for people like me.

Le Petit Ballon

Image provided by Le Petit Ballon

One thing I found handy in selecting my wine at the event was the ‘cheat sheet’ which Jean-Michel and the Le Petit Ballon team developed to ‘classify’ their wines. The classifications are indicated in their online store to help you pick a wine you’ll like and if you aren’t sure, you can take their little quiz to give you a better idea.

The Food

Now I know this event was about the wine, but I can’t let an opportunity to mention the food at Big Fernand slide.

big fernand

Image provided by Le Petit Ballon

It’s no secret I like my beef mooing, and it’s hard to find a rare burger in London. But you can have a Big Fernand burger blue if you want one. And of course I wanted one!

I’ve visited the restaurant a few times now, and it’s been consistently amazing. Sort of fast food like, you order at the counter and wait for your food, which you take on a tray to your table, Maccy D’s style.

I can’t believe I just compared Big Fernand to McDonalds, haha! They are worlds, WORLDS, apart.

Big Fernand are gourmet burgers at their best. Beautiful Charolais beef (or chicken, or veal, or Portobello mushroom, whatever takes your fancy), French cheese, fresh vegetables and herbs all served on a perfect sesame seeded bun.  I’m pretty certain there is no other burger comparable to this one in London at the moment.

big fernand

Oh and the sides and desserts are pretty good too.

You can actually find some Big Fernand recipes in the current issue of The Gazette. Unfortunately, The Gazette I had was in French! Don’t worry though, the English subscription copies will be in English, I just quite liked my French copy.

big fernand

Thank you for a lovely evening, Le Petit Ballon!

L xx

All photos my own unless otherwise stated.

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Last night I joined Talented Talkers at the Pullman Hotel St Pancras for the ‘unveiling of their new musical universe’. In other words, the launch of an exclusive new song to represent the brand – the result of a collaboration with French electro pop duo Sauvage.

To celebrate the occasion we, as well as other members of press and the media, were treated to an exclusive, intimate Sauvage gig at the hotel.

The Song

So why does a hotel need a song? That was the question of the night I think!


Image from Accor Hotels

With the intention of strengthening the ties with its guests, Pullman Hotels wanted to provide a musical experience comprising of contemporary, sophisticated songs – to match their identity as the cosmopolitan brand in the Accor Hotels group.

Reinforcing the brands slogan, ‘Our world is your playground’ with a unique track, Pullman will be using the song throughout their 108 hotels worldwide – in the lobbies, restaurants, spas, even the hold music.

The song in question, entitled ‘You Feel Right’ was composed specifically for Pullman by Sauvage, in partnership with BETC Pop and their artistic director Christophe Caurret. The duo took inspiration from the art of travel and discovery, as well as their perception of the Pullman brand.

Two versions of the song were created – one instrumental and one vocal.

The Band

Up and coming duo Sauvage are made up of Parisians Pierre-Alain Grégoire (vocals) and Edouard Perrin (guitarist and percussionist), who joined forces in 2010 whilst in La Reunion, a French Island located in the Indian Ocean.


Image from Accor Hotels

Accor being a French company, and the Pullman brand geared toward ‘a new generation’ of travellers, it seems an association with a modern, young, French artist like Sauvage was quite a natural choice.

We had a little chat with the band after the gig and, true to form, I had a little too much champagne so most of my questions were completely irrelevant, such as asking for their bar recommendations for next time I visit Paris and whether they’d ever be likely to collaborate with Miley Cyrus. Oops.


But, I did find out that they named themselves Sauvage (meaning ‘savage’) as it summed up what they were creating – a sound which was natural and raw. Both Pierre-Alain and Edouard take influence not only from other EDM artists, but also from other genres such as rock. Edouard is actually in a second band, Pepite, which is apparently a bit rockier. Both of their dreams as a band is to play at Coachella, and both of their celebrity crushes are on Eva Mendes. How great are my interview skills…?!

Sauvage are part of Apaches, a young Parisian collective of musicians who regularly collaborate with each other not only in creating new music but in live performance. The bands, whose styles range from R’n’B to rock, include: Jon Son, Bumby, La Hero, Form, J.Aya, Ael, The Serpent and Pepite.

You can listen to Sauvage on Soundcloud and also find them on YouTube, Deezer, Spotify…

The Hotel

This was my first time visiting a Pullman Hotel, but I don’t think it’ll be my last.

We were given a little tour of the hotel, including two of the guest rooms. First we were shown a ‘nature room’ featuring deck chairs and cactuses.


It even had a cute little guest book for visitors to share their favourite green places in London – a lot of people commented on the city’s beautiful parks unsurprisingly.


The nature room was an example of a selection of rooms with little themed touches that Pullman like to surprise regular guests with – such a cute idea!

The second room, a suite, was pretty impressive. It had amazing views of London (which can also be seen from the lobby – unsurprisingly my photos don’t do the view justice!).


The décor was really to my taste – simple and modern yet elegant and luxurious. I’ll definitely be keeping this one in mind if I need to stay in the neighbourhood.


It was evident throughout the hotel – from the lift lobbies with their rock’n’roll photographs (an aerial view of the main stage at Monsters of Rock Festival caught my eye) to the entrance with its huge chandeliers and giant globes scattered around – that the Pullman brand like to immerse themselves in the world of contemporary art and design.


As well as collaborating with Sauvage, they’ve worked with architects, designers, photographers, illustrators… Those Monsters of Rock photographs I mentioned earlier? They were the result of a partnership with rock photographer Richard Bellia.

I was pretty impressed with the bar – it had one of those cool wine vending machines, and over 200 types of whisky. Yep, OVER 200. This is my kind of place.


Actually, Pullman St Pancras really is my kind of hotel. I’ve stayed in some ridiculous hotels of many extremes – from shoddy hostels in Amsterdam to 7 star hotels in Dubai – and my preference is for contemporary, interesting places without too many unnecessary frills. And Pullman fits the bill perfectly.

I had such a lovely evening, and it was fantastic to catch up with some bloggers I hadn’t seen in a while, and to meet some new faces! You should check them out – Erica of I’m Being Erica, Flick of Flick On Music, Claire of Country Mouse Claire, Charley of Captain Charley, Emily of The Cookie’s Room and Julie of Julie’s Notebook.

Thanks for fantastic company ladies, and thank you Pullman and Talented Talkers for having me!

L xx

All photos my own unless otherwise stated.

You’re going to start seeing a lot of afternoon tea on the blog – I’ll tell you about my current project in detail soon –  and I’m going to kick it off with one that’s a little bit out of character for me – the guilt free vegan afternoon tea at RAW in Bayswater.

raw vegan afternoon tea la suite west

Don’t be put off by the name, or selling point, of the afternoon tea at RAW – it may be guilt free and vegan but it’s delicious and satisfying nonetheless.

Located inside boutique hotel La Suite West (just over the road from Bayswater tube station) visitors are greeted at the front desk with a complimentary smoothie of the day – on the day I went it was pear, apple and lemon, and was lovely. Service excels from the moment you walk in.

raw vegan afternoon tea la suite west

You can choose whether to take your tea inside the restaurant or outside on the terrace. Despite its location, the outside seating area is peaceful and relaxing, as it faces onto an attractive residential area rather than the main road.

raw vegan afternoon tea la suite west

The afternoon tea itself is priced at £27 per person. For that you get a glass of non -alcoholic fizz (RAW doesn’t serve alcohol) which I thought tasted a bit like apple juice, and as much loose leaf tea (in varying flavours) and coffee as you like, as well as, of course, the nibbles. Oh and the yummy smoothies!

raw vegan afternoon tea la suite west

The selection of finger sandwiches have interesting fillings; my favourites were avocado chilli mousse with rocket and roast tomato with sunflower seed pesto.

Of the canapes, the hummus on gluten free bread were surprisingly moreish with a nice bite to them.

raw vegan afternoon tea la suite west

And I would never have guessed that the cheese in the filo pastry bites with asparagus was actually made of almonds!

raw vegan afternoon tea la suite west

It was unanimously agreed amongst my group that the highlight were the scones – homemade and served with strawberries and whipped coconut ‘cream’, they were light and not too filling.

raw vegan afternoon tea la suite west

The desserts were also surprisingly good – the sticky toffee and chocolate fudge cake bites were decadent and as good as any dairy version I can think of.

raw vegan afternoon tea la suite west

And the mini squares of lemon cake topped with cacao cream, coconut and pomegranate… I’m convinced the cacao cream was Nutella!

raw vegan afternoon tea la suite west

For an unhealthy eating, heavy meat eater, I was really surprised how impressed I was by RAW. They certainly challenged the misconception that vegan food has to be boring! I will definitely be going back for dinner sometime.

Thank you so much for having me La Suite West!

Next up for afternoon tea I have the Anarch-Tea at the W London Leicester Square – I’m off to the launch event tonight. Should be an interesting one!

I’d love any suggestions for good, unusual teas that anyone might have – I’m putting together my afternoon tea bucket list as we speak!

L xx

All photos my own.

Disclaimer: I was invited along for a complimentary afternoon tea with no obligation to blog about it. This is a genuine, honest review.

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