After a quiet few weeks (I’ve recently started an awesome new job and been recovering from a chest infection), things are starting to pick up again, and I’ve actually done some pretty cool stuff this week!

Le Boutique Bazaar

Le Boutique Bazaar is something I want to tell you about in more detail at some point soon, so for now I’m just going to say what it is and what I bought. Held at McQueen in Shoreditch, it’s an alternative fashion event, I believe run in conjunction with Torture Garden – think latex, corsets, bondagewear and accessories all with a festishy twist.

Usually things I want at Le Boutique Bazaar are out of my price range, but this time I picked up a couple of things.

Elissa Poppy does some gorgeous lace effect latex pieces, and I bought a really great value (£10!) wrist and ankle cuff set, which will be perfect for an event I’m going to in the next couple of weeks – The Goblin King’s Masquerade Ball.


I also put down a deposit for a bespoke ring collar from Darkest Star. You can see it in the picture below with gold rings – mine will have silver.


Photo from

At a discounted price of £112.50 it isn’t cheap. But it is really great quality and it’s so very me.

I also won a competition with Beautifully Undressed and got myself a lovely gift set from Tallulah Love with some lacy panties and an eye mask. I never win anything so I was over the moon!

Yelps Golden Ticket Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Event

You’ll have noticed by now that I do quite a lot with Yelp, and this event was one of my favourites so far – there were limited spaces and I was so lucky to get one!


I’ll be telling you all about it in the next few days – we started with some chocolate making at Hotel Chocolat in Covent Garden and finished with the musical Charlie & The Chocolate Factory at Theatre Royal Drury Lane (remember the ghost stories? You can read about them here).

Secret Cinema – 28 Days Later

Another thing I want to tell you about in more detail – Secret Cinema, the 28 Days Later experience. It was SO GOOD. For now, have me and my friends Kat and Georgia in our scrubs and masks…



You know I love gin, right? I mean I even did the blogging for Gin Festival recently (see my post about it here). Oh, and a review of the Gin Explorer subscription box is coming soon. Anyway, I digress.

On Friday I received an invitation (through Yelp) to the Ginder experience at World of Gin in Bethnal Green. Running for this weekend only, World of Gin were hosting half hour gin tasting sessions to match you with your ideal gin and tonic combination. It was fun. And boozy. Check out their upcoming events on their website – I believe they have Cardiff and Birmingham coming up.

Psst… it’s only on writing this that I’ve realised that Ginder is a play on Tinder, it’s all about finding your perfect match. Clever.


So, that’s about it for this week. But I have another fun filled week coming up, so watch this space!

L xx

All photos my own unless stated otherwise.

Last night I popped along to The Hoxton Gallery for the UK launch event of People Footwear. Their Spring/Summer 2016 line will be their first collection available within the UK – the products are due to be rolled out online and across select retailers next month.


As you may have gathered, this month I’m participating in Veganuary, so a launch event for a Vegan footwear line which promised Vegan food and beer was pretty perfect!

people footwear

The Shoes

Obviously I’ll start with the shoes. People Footwear originated in Vancouver with the intention to produce ‘the next generation of classic casual footwear’. Not only are their products Vegan and their manufacturing cruelty-free, but they have even been recognised by PETA!

people footwear

Let’s face it, it’s pretty obvious by now that I’m quite partial to a bit of leather in my wardrobe, and that extends to pretty much all my footwear. Even my favourite Vans are mock croc leather, although I do have some canvas Star Wars and Disney ones. So I was maybe a little unsure as to how I’d feel about a Vegan footwear line. I mean, when you say Vegan footwear, Crocs are what springs to mind, haha!

people footwear

But I was pleasantly surprised. The designs were, for the most part, pretty simple. But what makes People Footwear stand out from the numerous other companies offering similar silhouettes are the fabrics. These are clearly synthetic, innovative, high tech materials. Shiny canvas style finishes, printed polyester, super breathable polyester knits (trademarked as ‘DreamKnit’) and in a wide range of colours and prints. Very sports luxe.

people footwear

And I didn’t expect them to be so light! All People Footwear products have soles made using ‘SkyLite’, Peoples trademarked rubberized foam, which apparently ‘provides the optimal balance of support, cushion, and lightweight performance’.

People Footwear like their fancy trademarked words for their materials and manufacturing techniques, as you may already have noticed! As well as the previously mentioned DreamKnit and SkyLite, they use ‘Supercrush’ shock absorbing sock liners and ‘Ezy-Brzy’ construction which combines 3D printing with mesh fabric. Ever since I went to the Wonderluk 3D printed jewellery launch, I’ve been meaning to look more into 3D printing in fashion, so the Ezy-Brzy intrigued me.

people footwear

Take a look at the FAQ section of their website for more info on their materials and manufacturing.

With their futuristic fabrics and finishes, and lightweight construction, the shoes are very on trend, and I imagine they’d be a dream to wear in Summer! I quite fancy a pair of the block coloured pastel Stanley Knits for everyday wear.

people footwear

The Food

So this is awkward. The invitation promised food from Vegan Hippo, which I was quite excited about, as they were on my list of places to try for Veganuary. But Vegan Hippo apparantly didn’t show up, leaving People Footwear without catering. Not very impressive and puts me off visiting their restaurant if I’m honest.

I didn’t hang around too long, as I had a gig to go to as well that night, but I’m told by Luisa, who also attended and whose post about the event you can read here that People placed a massive Dominos Pizza order for everyone!

The Drinks

Drinks were kindly provided by Northern Monk Brew Co (and they were Vegan!). I tried the Eternal Session IPA, a strong, hoppy tasting blonde ale with a citrus tang. I think it may be an acquired taste, but I liked it. And if that wasn’t your thing, you could go for cans of gin instead, which is always a winner!


It was a great little event, very trendy, thanks for having me People!

L xx

All photos my own.



Saturday was my first proper day at an American festival. Ok, yes, I’d been to Knotfest before, but that was kind of just a huge, glorified 3 day Slipknot gig. Aftershock is more of an all round type thing – if I had to compare it to a festival in the UK, I’d say maybe Download? Although it has more cool different stuff like you’d find at Reading and Leeds, but the line up is a little heavier.


Anyway, Aftershock is hands down my favourite festival I’ve attended, and I actually wish we’d camped and stayed for the full duration. But nevermind. We actually ended up at Aftershock purely by chance in the first place – the original intention was to just go to Knotfest, but I’m not really into Judas Priest (who headlined day one of Knotfest) and heard Slipknot were playing Aftershock so thought, why not?


There is so much I need to cram into this post, that I don’t really know where to start. I’d normally do chronologically but it just won’t work here, so I guess I’ll go by topic.

The Music

Seems a good place to start, right? Since the music is why I was there and everything.

Aftershock had some great bands on the smaller stages. I say smaller stages, there was only one ‘small’ stage, the others were just three main stages in different places. Two of them were actually directly next to each other, so you didn’t really have to move for the last couple of bands (Shinedown and Slipknot) if you got a good spot kind of in the middle (which obviously I did).

stagesSo, the smaller bands… I was a little distracted by other stuff earlier in the day, so I didn’t see that many until later on, but I did catch a bit of Beartooth, Seether (I always forget I like Seether – although the radio station we listened to in the car for the rest of the trip, Octane, basically had them on repeat so they are now stuck in my head) and Breaking Benjamin (I’ve never really got into them).

The first band I really paid attention to were Clutch. Which, if you know me personally, may make you laugh a little as I have been so resistant to liking Clutch for like, forever. But when I saw them at Download this Summer, I had to admit they were pretty good. And they kind of blew me away at Aftershock. They played on the smallest stage, the Coors Light stage, which was in such a beautiful setting, it was kind of nestled amongst trees, on the other side of the arena to the other stages. So standing back a bit, watching Clutch, in the sun, with gorgeous scenery – well that was pretty perfect, and not an experience I’ll ever have back home.


Next up were Bring Me The Horizon. Have we established on the blog yet that Bring Me have been my favourite band for about ten years now? Admittedly I prefer the older, heavier stuff, but the new album still works for me – and it really helped get me through a heartbreaking Summer this year. As always, they were so, so good. It really surprised me how well received they are in America, and the amount of Bring Me shirts that I saw on people was great. As per their Reading performance this Summer, a lot of the crowd didn’t seem to know anything much pre Sempiternal. When they left some lyrics out during Chelsea Smile, just like they did at Reading, no one shouted them back – in fact I think most people actually didn’t know anything had been left out. It didn’t spoil it though, and I have to say I really respect Oli for not Americanising for a US audience, he still kept with his accent despite most of the crowd not having a clue what he was saying!


One of the good things about the VIP area was the big screen showing whichever band was playing – and, while I think of it, one of the good things about Aftershock was that there weren’t really any band clashes, at least not later in the day. So I watched Marilyn Manson on the screen. Not much to say about him really, but he was better than the last few times I’ve seen him.

I also watched a bit of Shinedown on the screen before heading back out into the crowd for Slipknot. Shinedown aren’t a band that have ever gripped me – some of their songs aren’t band, but they’re kind of background music for me, the kind of music I can get away with playing in the car when I’m driving my Nan around without her complaining.


And then it was Slipknot. As I think is pretty obvious, I love, love, love Slipknot. But I have to admit, and it may be the sound at the venue, I’m not sure, they weren’t at their best at Aftershock, which was a shame. I still enjoyed it though – I’m one of those people who isn’t over fussed about sound quality at a gig/festival, it’s more about how much fun I’m having. And despite by this point being jet lagged and exhausted, I was still having fun so it was all good.

Sorry there are pretty much no music photos past Bring Me, I tend to get lost in the moment and not take photos. And the ones I do take are generally a bit rubbish anyway, so it isn’t much of a loss.

Jack Daniel’s Experience

I’m not sure exactly when I started drinking a lot of JD, it only became my drink very recently, but I think it’s become kind of obvious. So of course I went into the Jack Daniel’s Experience truck – a mobile museum with some interesting facts about Jack, a display showing whiskey dripping through charcoal (it mellows it apparently), how it’s aged and stuff like that.


I did learn that Jack was the same height as me and we have the same shoe size! And he died after getting an infection from breaking his toe when he kicked a safe in frustration.


I had a nice chat with the guy in the museum, who liked the JD Meat & Whiskey hat I nabbed at the JD x Vice event a few weeks back (it is the best hat ever, so obviously he liked it!) and he told me that in some parts of America you can’t actually buy alcohol! Including in Lynchburg, Tennessee where JD is made.


Outside the truck was a JD bar with generous servings. So Saturday was obviously a good day.

Crazy Dave’s Music Experience

This was an ‘interactive exhibit’ in a large tent where they held meet and greets – I missed Corey Taylor (he and Oli are the only people I’d bother seeing) because I was busy drinking JD, but you’ll see a future post that I didn’t end up being so sad about that.


Other than that it pretty much just sold instruments and accessories. Nothing too exciting.


Although I thought this skeleton hand guitar grip was pretty cool.


Make Your Mark

Dividing the main arena from the outside part of the VIP area was a cool graffiti wall, with a load of spray cans so you could do your thing. I didn’t actually know at the time, but there was a famous graffiti artist there called Vyal from Risk Rock Studios. I didn’t know there was a thing of famous graffiti artists. Actually, would Banksy count? Is Banksy graffiti? Anyway, that’s totally not the point, just check out the pretty UV wall in the dark.


Lawn Games

There was mini golf which I missed (I LOVE mini golf), but I was adopted by a bunch of guys who showed me a playground game called Cornhole in the Sacramento Kings area where you throw bean bags into a hole on a special board. Surprisingly I didn’t totally suck. They were convinced I was faking my British accent though… Actually, I get that a lot. Weird.


As well as the usual alternative clothing stands you’d expect, Aftershock had a few more interesting vendors.

Hands down my favourite was Rock Out For Rescue – a collaboration between Take Me Home and A Dog’s Life Rescue in which they go on tour at rock festivals, selling ROFR merch and raffling off prizes. I’m a massive dog lover and advocate for rehoming, so this is a cause I really believe in.


And the designs were awesome! I bought a hoodie (which is the softest thing ever!) with a French bulldog in Ozzy style round glasses and a studded collar graphic, and a Get Licked shirt which one of the lovely ladies at the stand cut up and weaved for me. I love it.


At Aftershock they were raffling off some cool prizes, including a guitar (signed by Corey Taylor, Marilyn Manson, Jim Root, Gary Holt, Alex Skolnick, Lizzie Hale, Chris Wayne and Michael Wilton), special bottle of Angels Envy and signed drumheads.


Another favourite was Mosh It Up Clothing. I actually saw their Adventure Time parody shirt on someone the night before at the Aftershock pre party and thought it was awesome.


Image from

They kindly gifted me one of the Back To The Moshpit shirts, which got me loads of compliments when I wore it later in the week. You’ll see it popping up in an outfit post soon!


Another stand I loved, and one I couldn’t buy anything from because I would never have got it home in one piece, was a collaboration between three artists; Sean Dietrich, Kai Martin and Erik Arreaga.

They actually each produced a print for a triptych exclusively for Aftershock.


Here are a few prints I particularly liked…






This deserves a post all of its own so have a looky here.


VIP Area

The VIP area, in association with Thunder Valley Casino Resort, was pretty handy. Nothing spectacular, but it did have shorter queues for the bar, bathrooms and food trucks.

Have a selfie of me in the VIP tent, because y’know, I’m always being told I don’t post enough pictures with me actually in them. It’s hard when you’re by yourself at things. Maybe I should get a selfie stick? Sorry, gone off topic again…


Anyway, the VIP area – It also had loads of tables and seats, and a screen showing whichever band was on at the time, with cute haybales in front of it to sit on. Which was quite nice when I wanted a break from the crowds.


It also randomly had chandeliers. Which I quite liked.

Would it be worth paying extra for? Not really, but I wouldn’t turn it down. A VIP ticket is about the same cost as a standard UK festival ticket though, so maybe? Well, that was indecisive.


I won’t post too much about the food, as I have done a whole post about the food I had here. But I will leave you another picture of the INCREDIBLE grilled cheese I had from Drewskis.


I had such an amazing time at Aftershock, and would definitely consider going again!

L xx

All photos my own unless stated otherwise.



I love my food, so this will be a long post! I had planned on just doing one food post for the whole trip, but that’s just not going to be possible…

Day One – Airport Food (Amsterdam, somewhere over the Atlantic and Seattle)

Ok, so technically this isn’t really US trip food (at least not until you get down to the McDonalds, haha) but I like to be concise.

I started the trip with a breakfast pretzel from Starbucks at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. It was AMAZING. I love pretzels, and I love pretzel bread even more. This one was filled with prosciutto, provolone and sun dried tomato spread. Why does England have the dullest Starbucks options in the entire world? Trust me – more Starbucks to come.


We flew with Delta for the main flight, and I have to admit the food wasn’t bad for plane food. I’m not someone who’s particularly negative about plane food, although after an awful food experience with Swiss to Tokyo I tend to take my own snacks. But Delta provided a decent chicken option, and it was served with a pretzel roll – and we’ve already established how I feel about pretzels.

Do you like my attempt at making plane food look semi decent…?


Delta also provided a really good vanilla ice cream pot swirled with chocolate. I don’t normally like vanilla or chocolate sauce but this was crazy good!

My final meal of the day, and my first in actual America, was at McDonalds at Seattle-Tacoma airport. I went for the chicken bacon club – it was way better than anything I’ve ever had at a McDonalds before, anywhere in the world (I have this thing about trying the McDonalds in every country I visit). Even the bun was a soft brioche – delicious.


For my drink I tried the sweet tea I always see Americans raving about. That was a mistake.


Oh, and obviously I grabbed a Starbucks for the final flight from Seattle to Sacramento. I went with the Beast Mode frappuccino – a special created with Marshawn Lynch (the running back for the Seattle Seahawks) which I assume is unique to Seattle? Anyway, Beast Mode is the name of his clothing line.


With mocha and mint and topped with matcha and berry drizzle, it looked really pretty, and had extra protein powder. Which obviously I really need in my diet, but whatever.


I love how, in America, they’re so supportive of their local sports teams. The McDonalds at Sea-Tec was covered in Seattle Seahawks flags, and wreaths in their colours.


We couldn’t have that over here, places would just get vandalised by the fans of opposing teams. And that kind of behaviour people of England, is pretty much why WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS. Rant over.

Day Two – Sacramento & Aftershock

Obviously when in America you have to go to Denny’s right? And with it being October, and me being the pumpkin obsessed basic white girl I am, I had to order the pumpkin pecan pancake breakfast. They were delicious and pretty much tasted like Christmas. Another reason England sucks – severe lack of pumpkin products.


I should have just got the pancakes on their own really, but I went for the full breakfast which included eggs (mine were over hard – I’d never heard of that before, only over easy), streaky bacon and hash browns. I love American hash browns.  But, SO MUCH FOOD.

I kind of regretted the big breakfast because I love festival food, and American festival food is a million times better than British festival food (are you seeing the trend here? USA>UK, haha!). So I only managed a sandwich at Aftershock.


But it was an AMAZING SANDWICH. The ‘Tricycle Sandwich’ from Drewskis food truck (which has apparantly been voted Sacramentos best food truck three years in a row – and I see why!), it was described as the ‘ultimate grilled cheese’ containing cheddar, havarti and swiss cheeses on sweet French bread. And of course I added bacon.


Actually, looking back, I didn’t actually eat that much for me on day two. Especially considering the numerous JD cocktails… Oh well.

Day Three – En route to San Bernardino & Knotfest

So I made up for Saturday’s minimal food on Sunday… We didn’t bother with breakfast but stopped off en route for my favourite, Carls Jr. I normally go for the teriyaki burger at Carls, but this time I tried one of the thickburgers. It was good. And I’m crazy for the fried courgette (or zucchini as they like to call them).


Last time I went to Knotfest I was really impressed with the food – the Chinese and Mexican stands were amazing. I’ll touch on this a bit more in an actual post about Knotfest, but those exact same food stands were there again this year in the exact same places! So for lunch I went for orange chicken (orange chicken is yet another thing I love that we don’t have here in England).


And for dinner I went for Mexican from the truck in the VIP area. Carne asada quesadilla, yum. You can tell by the picture I was a little worse for wear by this point… I think I just really wanted to get my favourite Black Milk Clothing lace up leggings in the picture, haha!


I also really, really like the drinks available at Knotfest – cocktails made with Coldcock Whiskey and Ole Smoky Moonshine. LOVE. I keep meaning to buy some of the moonshine to bring home, but I can never find anywhere that stocks it!


So that’s days one to three, check out the next instalment!

L xx

All photos my own.


I had a couple of little deliveries this morning, with products from my favourite clothing brand, Black Milk Clothing, and I’m so happy with what I bought that I wanted to share them!

black milk wallpaper octo

The main pieces I want to talk about are the Reversible Crop ($45 AUD) and Shorties ($50 AUD) from Black Milk in the Wallpaper Octo print from their Lady Anarchy Halloween collection.

You won’t have realised from my blog yet that I am a MASSIVE fan of Black Milk, so much so that I’m a ‘Sharkie’ and part of their massive online community. But that’s a story for another day – back to my mini haul…

I’ll be honest and say that this years Halloween collection from Black Milk is, in my opinion, their weakest in recent years. Based around a story they created of ‘Lady Anarchy’, it takes it’s main influence from steam punk. Which is great, but I was hoping for a bit more of a horror theme. Oh well, at least my bank account didn’t suffer. It is nice to see the return of the collectible postcards with orders though!

black milk wallpaper octo

Image from

Saying that, there were  few pieces I loved, mainly the Octo Wallpaper pieces, which arrived this morning. I love wallpaper prints, and purchased the black and white versions Black Milk previously released. The Octo is a beautiful deep emerald green, with a subtle ombre effect, and the wallpaper print features little octopuses with swords (or spears? I’m not sure). And the styles they were available in, the reversible crop and shorties are two of my favourites, both are really versatile and easy to style. These are even nicer in real life than I thought they’d be. You’ll definitely see these in OOTD type posts from me soon!

black milk wallpaper octo

I also received today a pair of shoes from the Black Milk collaboration with Solestruck, the Kristy flat pump in I Eat Mice (black snakeskin) fabric. I got the smallest size available, and they fit like a dream! They were reduced from $124.95 USD to $14.97 and came without customs, I can’t believe my luck! I just wish I’d bought the other patterns too.

black milk solestruck kristy

The I Eat Mice have sold out, but the Kristy shoe is still available in Burned Velvet (which I’ve just ordered) at $22.97 USD. Get them while you can!

I do stilll have a few more Lady Anarchy pieces on my wishlist; the Burned Velvet Damask 3/4 sleeve crop ($50 AUD), the Spellbound reversible skater dress ($85 AUD) and the Bucked Bolero ($70 AUD).

I’d love to hear what other people thought of the Lady Anarchy Halloween collection? What did you buy?

L xx

All photos my own unless otherwise stated.

This afternoon, mid retail therapy, Luisa of Eat Sleep Luisa Repeat and I stumbled upon a (very quiet) launch celebration for Skinnydip London‘s new collaboration with Fox and The Simpsons. There wasn’t a lot going on – there were free Krispy Kreme doughnuts (I’m not one to turn down food when it’s on offer!), a photobooth and an Instagram competition.


But the focus of this post isn’t the event – it’s the products. And they were pretty good. Simpsons collaborations aren’t exactly rare – one of my favourite brands, Drop Dead had a great Itchy & Scratchy collection not too long ago (you can still buy a few of the pieces online), and Living Dead Clothing have announced that their Halloween collection includes licensed Treehouse of Horrors pieces. Skinnydip have chosen Krusty, exclusively, to feature on their products.

I really love that, in this collaboration, Skinnydip have retained their identity – the products are easily recognisable as Skinnydip. There’s the trademark oversized silicone phone case, this time in the shape of a ‘Krusty Shake‘ (£16) and clear plastic phone case (£14) / backpack (£35)/ cosmetics bag (£16) with an all over Krusty print.


One of Skinnydips most popular pieces, the drinks cup cross body bag, has been reinvented as a pink glittery ‘Krusty Shake‘ (£32).


Top of my wishlist though are two pieces which are a little different. There’s the adorable pink coin purse (£14) emblazoned with Krusty’s face and a tassled zip.

krustypurseAnd there’s the KrustyO’s embroidered pouch (£30). Really bright and colourful, with interesting textures (it features embroidery, glitter and suedette) – this bag would really add something to an otherwise plain outfit.


What do you think of the collaboration? Will you be buying anything?

L xx

As part of the Regent Street Fashion and Design Month, the Karl Lagerfeld store on Regent Street held a lovely VIP evening, with a champagne reception and presentation of the key pieces across both menswear and womenswear for AW15.


As well as my usual companions, Luisa-Christie of Eat Sleep Luisa Repeat and Lauren of Saharasplash, and our non blogger friend Lizzy (who now wants to blog, haha!), I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Caz of Style Lingua. We had a great time, trying on cat themed accessories and glam coats, and we were treated to a little Karl Lagerfeld goodie bag each.

One of the things I love about Karl Lagerfeld as a brand is its longevity. Each season, recognisable Karl details are kept which run throughout the ranges; silhouettes of Karl’s face hidden (or not so hidden!) within patterns, zip detailing, leather trims… There are also key pieces which are reinvented for each season – as an example, for men there is always a black skinny jean and a sharp white shirt, for women there is always a fitted leather jacket and a black biker boot with chain detail. You can definitely see hints of Chanel here and there – there’s plenty of boucle and quilting!


The Karl style is timeless yet still manages to remain current – I’m confident that I could invest in a piece and it wouldn’t date, I could wear it to death. When you consider that, the pricing is actually quite reasonable – in line with upper end high street retailers such as Reiss and Karen Millen.

I left wanting pretty much everything in the store – it all fits my style perfectly. The pieces are so versatile – they can be dressed up or down (in my case obviously down!). The colours for this season are predominantly black and a gorgeous grungey olive, with the occasional piece in navy, grey or burgundy. My ideal colour palette.


The brand also has a playful side – we all know how much Karl loves his cat, Choupette, right? I fell completely in love with the Choupette In Love range of accessories – the story behind the range is cute and features Choupette and her new boyfriend, Bad Boy!


Top of my wishlist is the knitted Choupette Beanie at £45…


The Choupette Cats Love Clutch at £115…


And some gorgeous mirrored sunglasses at £99.

I’m not sure if I’m glad I went to the event – I now have a new brand to add to my list of favourites, but I think my bank balance may suffer!

L xx

All photos my own.

Last night I attended my first ever Cosmo Fash Fest. If you aren’t aware of it, it’s five fashion events held across five consecutive days at five different venues in London.

Fash Fest opened with The Lingerie Show on Monday 14th September, held at One Marylebone – a gorgeous Grade 1 Listed building refurbished to the original design of Sir John Soane.


Obviously the main attraction of the night was the catwalk show (I was lucky enough to be seated in the front row, but at too awkward an angle to get any good photos!) featuring lingerie from brands including Ted Baker, Freya, Ultimo, Next, Figleaves, H&M, George and Evans.

One thing I liked about the show was the selection of models. Most were tall and lean, but there were a couple of gorgeously curvy ladies.


I’d never really paid much attention to the brands on show (I’m an Ann Summers girl, or Agent Provocateur if I’m out to impress) but I’m now lusting after lingerie sets by Ted Baker (gorgeous lace with gold accents) and Ultimo (sexy black lace with wet look trims) after seeing them on the catwalk.


Before the catwalk show started we were treated to a performance by Rae Morris. As well as her hit song ‘Love Again’, Rae performed ‘Don’t Go’, a song she dedicated to breast cancer awareness organisation CoppaFeel. Now, CoppaFeel deserves a post all of their own, so I won’t mention them too much now, but I was very moved by the video accompanying ‘Don’t Go’, and a pre-performance talk given by Kris Hallenga – a breast cancer survivor and founder of CoppaFeel.


CoppaFeel had their own photobooth style area on the first floor of the venue, where several brands had stands, as well as there being a bar and various treatments on offer. Oh and delicious canapes.

The Freya stand was possibly the busiest, as not only were they holding bra fittings (you guessed it, I’ve been wearing the wrong size!), they were holding a prize draw and giving away goodie bags with beautiful knickers inside. I received a lacy pair in the most gorgeous green.


Other notable stands were those from Ted Baker (who actually had very little lingerie on show but who were giving out goodie bags with Ted Baker eau de toilette inside) and Tutti Rouge.


Tutti Rouge aren’t a brand I’d ever heard of. And having previously thought I was a C cup, I would have walked straight past if I hadn’t just had my Freya bra fitting! Not only was their stand eye catching, with a beautiful ‘can can’ (I think!?) dancer dishing out pick & mix, but they were holding a competition to guess how many knickers were in a vase.

cosmo tutti2

The lingerie itself was absolutely beautiful, really feminine and colourful. I’m definitely going to be purchasing the pastel yellow and pink Tallulah Sunshine set (bra £35 and Brazilian style briefs £16)! Tutti Rouge lingerie ranges in size from 38-38 DD-HH. Definitely my discovery of the night!



I obviously had to have one of the manicures on offer from Barry M, using their Sunset Daylight Curing range of polishes and top coat. I wasn’t aware of the range before the event, and was interested to hear from my nail technician that the polishes and top coat are a special formulation to mimic the effect of gel polish, but they don’t need a UV lamp or special remover. I went for a beautiful greige with a hint of purple called ‘Dark Side of the Shroom’.

I also had a little bit of contour applied by a Barry M make up artist, and my hair curled by Kate of Ruby Rouge Make Up, who was working the hair bar using Lee Stafford products.

Tickets to The Lingerie Show were priced at £35 which included a lovely goodie bag. Each goodie bag had a random pair of knickers. I got some high leg briefs in size 14 from George. Since I’m a size 8 and don’t wear briefs, they’re going to a friend!


Each ticketholder received two free Zubrowska bison grass vodka cocktails and a glass of Gancia prosecco. Further cocktails were available at £5 each.


I had such a lovely evening and will definitely attend another Fash Fest in the future! If my diary wasn’t already crammed I’d have gone to them all this week – I’m actually hoping to fit another in, perhaps the Wrap Party on Friday 19th September.

Even if you can’t make it to any of the Fash Fest events, you can still participate in their Online Discount Shopping Day on Friday. Cosmopolitan will be offering one day only exclusive discounts on fashion and beauty brands – so make sure you check out the website on the day for all the info!

L xx

All photos my own.