After a quiet few weeks (I’ve recently started an awesome new job and been recovering from a chest infection), things are starting to pick up again, and I’ve actually done some pretty cool stuff this week!

Le Boutique Bazaar

Le Boutique Bazaar is something I want to tell you about in more detail at some point soon, so for now I’m just going to say what it is and what I bought. Held at McQueen in Shoreditch, it’s an alternative fashion event, I believe run in conjunction with Torture Garden – think latex, corsets, bondagewear and accessories all with a festishy twist.

Usually things I want at Le Boutique Bazaar are out of my price range, but this time I picked up a couple of things.

Elissa Poppy does some gorgeous lace effect latex pieces, and I bought a really great value (£10!) wrist and ankle cuff set, which will be perfect for an event I’m going to in the next couple of weeks – The Goblin King’s Masquerade Ball.


I also put down a deposit for a bespoke ring collar from Darkest Star. You can see it in the picture below with gold rings – mine will have silver.


Photo from

At a discounted price of £112.50 it isn’t cheap. But it is really great quality and it’s so very me.

I also won a competition with Beautifully Undressed and got myself a lovely gift set from Tallulah Love with some lacy panties and an eye mask. I never win anything so I was over the moon!

Yelps Golden Ticket Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Event

You’ll have noticed by now that I do quite a lot with Yelp, and this event was one of my favourites so far – there were limited spaces and I was so lucky to get one!


I’ll be telling you all about it in the next few days – we started with some chocolate making at Hotel Chocolat in Covent Garden and finished with the musical Charlie & The Chocolate Factory at Theatre Royal Drury Lane (remember the ghost stories? You can read about them here).

Secret Cinema – 28 Days Later

Another thing I want to tell you about in more detail – Secret Cinema, the 28 Days Later experience. It was SO GOOD. For now, have me and my friends Kat and Georgia in our scrubs and masks…



You know I love gin, right? I mean I even did the blogging for Gin Festival recently (see my post about it here). Oh, and a review of the Gin Explorer subscription box is coming soon. Anyway, I digress.

On Friday I received an invitation (through Yelp) to the Ginder experience at World of Gin in Bethnal Green. Running for this weekend only, World of Gin were hosting half hour gin tasting sessions to match you with your ideal gin and tonic combination. It was fun. And boozy. Check out their upcoming events on their website – I believe they have Cardiff and Birmingham coming up.

Psst… it’s only on writing this that I’ve realised that Ginder is a play on Tinder, it’s all about finding your perfect match. Clever.


So, that’s about it for this week. But I have another fun filled week coming up, so watch this space!

L xx

All photos my own unless stated otherwise.

I can’t cook. I don’t cook. Which I think is pretty obvious since I eat out ALL THE TIME. So when I was invited by Joe Blogs and Currys PC World for a cookery masterclass with Hotpoint and Lisa Faulkner I was a little hesitant. But I bit the bullet and went along. I mean what could go wrong?

So, on a cold Thursday evening, I made my way to the Hotpoint Design Centre in Fitzrovia. It’s a beautiful, inspirational space, a showroom (although way plusher and well though out than anything the word ‘showroom’ will bring to mind) for the Luce range of appliances. In the basement is a working kitchen with plenty of counter space and seating, ideal for foodie events.

The Lady

Whether it’s for her acting (I personally remember her most vividly from a rather gruesome ending in Spooks, but she’s also been in Brookside and Holby City amongst others), or her cooking (she won Celebrity Masterchef in 2010), if you’re British and watch TV you’ll at least recognise Lisa Faulkner.


Since turning to a career in cooking, Lisa has written three recipe books – most recently ‘Tea and Cake’ which came out in February and is available from bookshops or Amazon.


So with all this under her belt, I think Lisa was a pretty good choice to host a masterclass to show us all how to make a couple of her favourite spring recipes.


I liked Lisa a lot. She oozes that kind of effortlessly casual beauty that I could never achieve and was a joy to spend time with. And when faced with a non cook like myself (which I don’t think she was expecting!) she was patient and kind. She was happy to show me the basics like how to use the blender (rookie error – always check it’s actually plugged in…) and to explain ingredients that I was unfamiliar with (noteably fennel).

The Cooking

We were shown by Lisa how to make two very different recipes – lemon sole fillets en papillote and pineapple upside down cake – before being split into pairs (my partner was the lovely Giselle from Who’s For Dinner?) to make them ourselves so we could all sit down for dinner.

Giselle and I lucked out with the task of making the pineapple upside down cake. If you’re going to cook, it’s always better to cook the cake, right? Plus I didn’t trust myself with the knives…


Following the steps we’d watched Lisa take (and the recipe book, but I’m more of a wing it person when it comes to cooking – and life, but that’s a whole different topic…) we made a very sticky, syrupy version of the old fashioned classic.

I started by covering the tin in maybe a little too much Golden Syrup but, to be fair, Lisa did say, and I quote, “It might be bad for you, but we’ll just balance it with a healthy main.” 


Next, pineapple rings and glace cherries were pressed into the syrup, before we moved on to the cake mixture.

Caster sugar, flour, chunks of butter and baking powder were put into the blender along with a mixture of eggs, milk and vanilla essence. Pretty sure I got some eggshell in there somewhere. I don’t think anyone noticed.

Once all mixed together (a little lumpy, oops!) it was poured into the tray over the fruit and syrup, and placed into a 180 degree oven.

If you’d like a more accurate how to, you can download the recipe, and that for the lemon sole here.


I didn’t try making the lemon sole, but from memory it was reasonably simple. Definitely something I’d try in the future.lisafish

The Eating

After we’d all earned it, we were sat at the lovely seasonally decorated table for dinner.


I had been a little apprehensive about the lemon sole. I’m quite uncertain with fish, and I hadn’t tried lemon sole (or fennel!) before. But it was delicious. It wasn’t a very fishy tasting fish, and the chunks of fennel were lovely. And I was overjoyed that it was served with broccoli on the side because I am OBSESSED with broccoli. There you go, a random fact about me!


And of course the pineapple upside down cake was to die for, haha! And there was even enough to take some home.


The Tech

Of course we were using Hotpoint appliances – we were at the Hotpoint Design Centre after all! The star of the show was undoubtedly the Hotpoint OSD89EDE Openspace Oven.

Now I’m no chef (have I reinforced that point strongly enough yet?) but even I was impressed by this piece of kit – in this single oven you can cook at two different temperatures thanks to an insulating divider between its two compartments. Pretty handy, right?

I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the two recipes of the evening made the dual temperature feature necessary – they were perfect to show it off!

As a non home owner I’m not going to be in a position to buy an oven any time soon (and you know even if I did take out would win!) but if it were on the cards this would be a strong contender!

Regardless of my cooking ability, I’m very glad I went as this was one of the most enjoyable blogger events I’ve attended! We were very kindly given a copy of ‘Tea and Cake’ so, inspired by Lisa, I may even try my hand at some baking – watch this space!

You can have a read of the official blog post here.

L xx

All photos my own.

Yep, I skipped a week again! I think we can safely say I now do these little life updates as and when rather than every Sunday, because life just gets in the way! But at least I have plenty to report back on…

Valentines Gift from Kraken

Who needs a man to buy you flowers when one of your favourite alcohol brands sends you a beautiful black rose which would outdo anything else you received anyway? Following on from their black Christmas trees (which you can read about here), for Valentines Kraken were sending black roses with Kraken miniatures to select people. And I was one of the lucky recipients.

kraken black roses

This year I was single on Valentines Day for the first time in nine years. And I was cool with it. I’m actually loving single life right now. But that’s not really something to talk about on this post.


So thank you Kraken, it was much appreciated!

Valentines Extreme Garnishing with The Robin Collective at The Hoxton

You may remember Extreme Garnishing from my pick of alternative Valentines events? I love playing with my food so I was super excited to be invited by The Robin Collective along to the Valentines edition of their workshop, held at The Hoxton in Shoreditch, which I seem to be visiting quite a bit at the moment!

extreme garnishing

We learnt some cute garnishing tricks, played with liquid nitrogen, made a love potion and ate cider sorbet. It was awesome. There will be a post dedicated to the event coming soon.

XMen Screening at BFI with BGo and Joe Blogs

I love a good superhero movie, so a private screening of XMen at BFI in Soho with some of my favourite bloggers, including Luisa of Eat Sleep Luisa Repeat, Kariss of Shy, Strange, Manic and Haydy of Squibbvicious was a great way to spend a Wednesday night.


Thanks for a lovely evening Joe Blogs and BGo!

Bring Me The Horizon at Electric Brixton

One thing I love about my favourite band is the frequency with which they play small venues (although it’s a pain getting tickets!). This time they played a Brits Week show at Electric Brixton, a venue I’ve not been to before. Through choice I went up to the balcony, and had a perfect view – so rare for me at a gig!


As always, their performance was spot on.

AntiChrist at Electrowerkz

I had a couple of great nights out this fortnight with my favourite girls, Luisa and Georgia. Here are some drunk selfies of the three of us at AntiChrist at Electrowerkz in Angel. I loved my blue wig!


Gin Festival at Tobacco Dock

If you’re a reader of this blog, or are on any of my social media, there’s no way you’ll have escaped the fact that I was the guest blogger for Gin Festival!

gin festival

You can read my full post here, or the official post on the Gin Festival website here.

London Beer Week

Another day, another alcohol event… Drink Up London kindly gave me a couple of wristbands and a few drinks tokens for London Beer Week so on the opening night I visited the London Beer Week Hub.

london beer week

Held at Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, the hub was a really nice little set up! More about London Beer Week soon.

Pasta Night with House of Godo and Yelp

You should know by now that I’m pretty involved in the Yelp community, and attend a fair few of their events. This one was a Newbie night, to welcome new Yelpers, and sample some delicious pasta dishes at a new Italian takeaway on Park Lane, House of Godo.

house of godo

The company was excellent as always (and the lovely Kariss was there, which is always a plus!) and the food really exceeded my expectations. I’m not a person who ever really orders pasta when out, so it was nice to give it a go! The lamb ragu and tiramisu were especially good.

Thanks again Yelp!

Love Food Hate Waste Meaty Issues Launch at Smiths of Smithfield

I was really spoilt when it came to food and drink this fortnight! One of my most anticipated events for a while was this lunchtime launch at Smiths of Smithfield for the Love Food Hate Waste Meaty Issues campaign.


As well as finding out about the campaign, we were treated to a delicious lunch and a butchery demonstration. You can read all about the event here.

Kurious Kittens Hot Sake Party at Geisha

And finally, myself, Luisa and Georgia attended the Kurious Kittens Hot Sake Party at Geisha, the late night element of members only dining destination Ramusake in South Kensington. We wore masks, Japanese inspired outfits and watched latex clad dancers. I’ve had worse nights.


And yep, I’m wearing a wig again!

So that was my rather busy fortnight, I’m hoping this one coming will be a little quieter…

L xx

All photos my own.

A few people have asked where the wigs are from – I always get mine from Mad World at Charing Cross station.

It’s no secret I love a good cocktail, so I was delighted to be invited to the preview event for Cocktails In The City in the plush Apartment at The Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch.

cahoots cocktails in the city

If you aren’t familiar with it, Cocktails In The City is a three day celebration of Londons internationally renowned bar scene which is held across two weekends in 2016 – 10th to 12th March and 29th to 31st July. The March event will be held at One Mayfair, a beautiful Grade 1 listed building, formerly St Marks Church (you can see some pics of the venue from when I was there for Bulmers Live Colourful Live last year).

Cocktails In The City will showcase twenty London bars across three floors, as well as a few from other European cities including Little Red Door from Paris, Door 74 from Amsterdam and Ruby from Copenhagen.

It’s designed to be an immersive experience – guests will be able to try drinks from top bartenders, many of which will feature some more unusual and rare ingredients. As well as the cocktails on offer, there will be tastings, interactive demonstrations and entertainment.

I love how they’re planning to layout the event. In the Crypt (and obviously I’m dying to visit the crypt!) you’ll find some of Londons hottest newly opened establishments for concept cocktails. The Grand Hall (where Live Colourful Live was held) will house world famous cocktail bars serving classic drinks as well as creative cocktail themed dining at the feasting table. The aforementioned international guest bars can be found on the mezzanine level, and at the rooftop bar (which apparently has a spectacular view) you can enjoy a barbecue.

At the preview we had the chance to try some of the concept cocktails and watch how they were made. It was great fun!cahoots cocktails in the city

Cahoots in Soho, a bar which I’m yet to visit (and which features on my bucket list) was obviously my first stop. They’d teamed up with Martin Miller’s Gin and Fentimans (a bit off topic but I love Fentimans soft drinks in cocktails after trying a few at their Greenhouse pop up bar in L’Escargot last year) to create The Mayfair Miller, a cocktail which also included lychee, elderflower and spiced berries.

This one was delicious, way too easy to drink! And it was beautifully presented.

cahoots cocktails in the city

Next up I tried The Rhubarb Radler from The Whip in Mayfair, a drink they’d created with Chase Rhubarb Vodka. As soon as I hear rhubarb I’m there, I love anything rhubarb!

the whip cocktails in the city

This was quite an interesting drink – it looked as though it would be citrus based rather than rhubarb. As well as lemon juice, sugar and bitters it included Wild Goose Chase pale gooseberry ale from The Wild Beer Co. I am desperate to try this ale by itself and will be hunting it down!

wild beer co

I’ve never been to The Whip, now it’s on my must go list!

chase vodka cocktails in the city

I went for another gin cocktail next, this time The Root Gimlet from Powder Keg Diplomacy in Wandsworth, using Plymouth Gin. This is another bar which wasn’t yet on my radar, but I’m told it’s Victorian themed and now I really want to go!

As well as Plymouth gin, The Root Gimlet contained lemon  juice and something a bit more unusual – carrot and horseradish cordial! Sounds disgusting, but tasted delicious!

powder keg diplomacy cocktails in the city

To round up the evening I visited the station where Sophie Bratt of OXO Tower on South Bank was creating a cocktail using Patron Tequila (mmm, Patron…). Sophie actually was a contestant in the Patron Perfectionists Cocktail Competition, so it was a natural partnership!

patron cocktails in the city

I loved how pretty Sophie’s creation, Love Buzz, was. It was perfectly named for its ingredients – as well as Patron it included Yuzu, vermouth infused with strawberries and a dash of rose syrup. Beautiful. And potent.

oxo tower cocktails in the city

I had a little chat with Sophie after her presentation, and found out she had a lot to do with one of my favourite afternoon teas in London, the slightly boozy Not Quite Afternoon Tea at OXO Tower Brasserie (if you’re sweet toothed you have to try it, it’s awesome and changes seasonally so you can go time and time again…). Anyway, that’s a little off topic!

Other bars which are confirmed to be at the March event include Coq D’Argent, Reverend JW Simpson, Dishoom, Looking Glass Cocktail Club and Hush.

Perfect for everyone, from cocktail connoisseurs to someone who just likes a nice fruity drink, Cocktails In The City will be a super fun experience which I’m excited for!

If you’re not one of us spoilt for choice Londoners, Cocktails In The City will also take place across two days in three other cities; Leeds on 7th and 8th April, Manchester on 19th and 20th May and Edinburgh on 27th and 28th October.

Tickets can be bought from Design My Night or YPlan, priced at £15 for the London event which includes one cocktail, multiple sensory experiences and a cocktail booklet. Psst… If you haven’t used YPlan before you can use my code LEVANS88 to get £5 off!cocktails in the city

Hopefully I’ll see you there!

L xx

All photos my own.

To celebrate 150 years of Alice, the British Library have put on a free display exploring the world of Alice through, books, artworks and toys, which is open until 17th April 2016.

Like a lot of women I know, I love absolutely anything to do with Alice In Wonderland – I’ve been a huge, huge fan since I was a child.

I used a torch under my duvet after lights out at boarding school to read the books over and over again, and whisk myself away into Alice’s colourful, surreal world. Those books got me through some rough times. So although I love the movies, the game, the memorabilia, and the numerous themed experiences based on it – the books will always have a special place in my heart.

So of course an Alice In Wonderland exhibition was a must do for me.

I’ve never been to the British Library before. And I have to be honest, as a building, it kind of disappointed. I had expected a beautiful, grand, old building – think Natural History Museum-esque. But it was an ugly 80s style flat roofed thing. Oh well. But that’s not important.

alice in wonderland british library

The Introduction

The exhibition starts with a series of illustrated mirrors and pictures, recapping some of the key scenes, before you enter the museum style main part.

alice in wonderland british library

One of my favourite Alice artworks was included in this area, ‘Alice & The Pack of Cards’ by Arthur Rackham.  If you aren’t familiar with Rackhams work, I suggest you take a look at the rest of his Alice pieces, they’re beautiful.

alice in wonderland british library

If you don’t know the history of the Alice stories, or how they came about, here’s a little recap…

On 4th July 1862 Lewis Carroll (which is actually his pen name), took a boat trip with his friend, Robinson Duckworth, and the three young daughters of the Dean of the Oxford College, Christ Church, at which he studied – Alice, Lorina and Edith Liddell. To entertain them, Carroll made up a story of Alice’s adventures in a magical world after falling through a rabbit hole.

alice in wonderland british library

The Exhibits

The rest of the exhibition did not allow photography. Although I didn’t realise and took a few snaps before getting very rudely shouted at (although funnily enough that wasn’t actually while I was taking a picture – I was actually talking to a guy on Tinder, haha!).

I’ll include my pics here as a little taster, but strongly recommed you visit the exhibition for yourself.

Possibly the most high profile piece was the original book. Lewis Carroll produced the manuscript, at the time entitled ‘Alice’s Adventures Under Ground’ in 1864 – after a request from Alice Liddell to write down the story he had originally told her 1862. While writing the text Carroll left space for 37 illustrations which he later went back in and created. Over two thirds of the illustrations included the character of Alice, and although Carroll was no artist, it is thought that he took inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite art of his friends including the painter Dante Gabriel Rosetti and the illustrator Arthur Hughes. The book was gifted to Alice Liddell for Christmas.

alice in wonderland british library

A lot of the books in the exhibition were beautifully illustrated. One of my favourites was this copy of ‘The Wonderland Quadrilles… for the Pianoforte’, published in 1872.

The Quadrille was a popular dance in the 18th and 19th centuries which involved four couples dancing together in a rectangular formation. A number of playwrights and composers approached Carroll wanting to create their own work based on the Alice story. This piece was created by Charles Marriott, with Carrolls permission and, at his request, dedicated to Alice Liddell, for the piano.

alice in wonderland british library

This art nouveau Alice was illustrated by Charles Robinson in 1907. It contains eight colour plates and 112 line drawings. Alice looks a little different in this one – her dark hair is a reference to Alice Liddell, and the sailor style dress is a nod to the fashion of the time.

alice in wonderland british library

I don’t know much about the next book and jigsaw, but I believe they’re from the 1950s.

alice in wonderland british library

This jigsaw dates back to the 193os, and was illustrated by AL Bowley, who also illustrated an Alice Panorama which was on display. This was on private loan for the exhibition from the Richards Collection.

alice in wonderland british library

Something a little more modern, I really liked this colourful pop up book…

alice in wonderland british library

And finally, a beautiful piece by Salvador Dali…

alice in wonderland british library

As well as the exhibits, there were Alice video games you could play, and special sculptures scattered around.

The Gift Shop

Running alongside the exhibition is a pop up gift shop with all sorts of Alice inspired gifts.

alice in wonderland british library

Is it just me who likes gift shops possibly more than the exhibitions themselves?

alice in wonderland british library

Everyone loved these necklaces by jewellery designer Little Moose – check out their online store.

little moose cheshire cat

So what’s on?

As well as the exhibition, the British Library are holding seminars and events around the theme throughout February and March. Alice’s Adventures in Comics-Land looks intriguing…


I’d love to hear what anyone else thought of the exhibition!

L xx

All photos my own.

I know, I know, my ‘weekly’ round up posts aren’t really happening weekly, but life gets in the way sometimes! It’s been a busy couple of weeks – not only have I had loads on, but I managed to fracture my shoulder, wrist and break my thumb (which is why you’ll see some rather attractive wrist supports in my pics for a while!).

Sadly my injuries happened on the day I was meant to attend #BLOGGERSBELOWZERO at the Ice Bar, which I had been looking forward to for ages! Ice Bar have been very kind though and have invited me to my own little review visit so I will be posting about it soon! In the meantime you can see what Luisa of Eat Sleep Luisa Repeat thought of it here.

So here’s what I got up to this fortnight…

People Footwear UK Launch

On Tuesday I went along to The Hoxton Gallery for the UK launch of Vegan leisure shoe line, People Footwear. You can read about it in detail here.

people footwear

Abhorrent Decimation at Scream Lounge

I left the People Footwear event a little early to get myself down to the tiny Scream Lounge in Croydon to see local death metal band Abhorrent Decimation. Loved them. Properly loved them.

Despite being exactly the kind of thing I usually love, Abhorrent Decimation had managed to pass me by up until now. But I was so impressed, and I left with a copy of their new album, Miasmic Mutation. If you like death metal with a modern edge give it a listen, it’s awesome.

abhorrent decimation

ABQ London

Wednesday evening was my second visit to the ABQ London Breaking Bad themed bar (after going the first time around in the Summer, which you can read about here). After such a successful run of their Hackney pop up RV, they returned to a new venue, and a new BYOB format, which I’ve posted about in detail here!

abq london

Grease at the Hard Rock Cafe POP Picturehouse

Hard Rock Cafe London have some really cool stuff coming up, starting with the immersive showing of Grease in collaboration with Pop Picturehouse.

pop picturehouse hard rock cafe

You can read about the event in detail here, and buy tickets for the next event, Spiceworld on 22nd February here.

Alice In Wonderland Exhibition at The British Library

Have I mentioned yet how much I love Alice In Wonderland? I actually don’t think I have, which is pretty strange as I have been OBSESSED with anything Alice since my childhood. So of course the Alice In Wonderland exhibition at the British Library was on my to do list. You can see a sneaky preview of the exhibition in this post.

alice in wonderland british library

Chicken Night with Yelp & Neighbourhood

I’ve really been getting into Yelp lately (you can check out my profile here if you’re interested, feel free to add me as a friend if you’re a fellow Yelper).  I’m actually pretty disappointed that I didn’t get involved sooner, since they have such a great community and hold some really awesome events!

Wednesday just gone I attended their Newbie and Chicken Night at Neighbourhood in Stratford. It was a great night, I met some cool new people and had a delicious family style dinner and as much beer as I could drink! Thanks Yelp!


At Home With The Chef with Yelp & Eat With

Another night, another Yelp event! This was actually a pretty special one, there were only eight spaces available so Yelp ran a little competition – the eight Yelpers who recruited the most new members won a space. And I actually won overall, and got an extra little gift of a really nice cafetiere and coffee – I’m keeping it for my new desk when I start my new job in March.

Now, this event run with Eat With is worthy of a post all of its own, so you can read about it soon!

eat with

In the meantime you can find out a bit more about the chef who cooked for us, Dylan, on his blog, The Travelling Editor.

Fat Tuesday – London Mardi Gras 2016

You may have seen my post about Fat Tuesday in advance of the event? Regardless, I was invited down by Kansas Smittys and Shotgun Carousel to their London Mardi Gras event on Southbank. Despite the miserable weather, it was a great night!

london mardi gras

So, that was what’s been going on in my life lately – the next couple of weeks are going to be busy too! Stay tuned for more cool Yelp events, Slipknot, a new tattoo and plenty of (anti) Valentines stuff!

L xx

All photos my own.

Without question, my favourite thing about writing Girl At The Rock Show is the opportunities which arise from it. Whether it be stumbling upon cool goings on from the research I do to keep the blog current, or invitations to press launches or blogger only events, my life has become a whole lot more interesting since I started my little side project.

Possibly one of my favourite, most fun evenings so far has been the immersive showing of Grease at Hard Rock Cafe, put on by Pop Picturehouse.

grease pop picturehouse hard rock

Pop Picturehouse is a brand new venture by a lovely lady called Hope, who quit her day job to follow her dream. Pretty inspirational stuff. Grease was the first of what will hopefully be a long series of Pop Picturehouse events and in my opinion it was a great success!

grease pop picturehouse hard rock

For the evening, Pop Picturehouse took over the basement bar of Hard Rock Cafe on Park Lane. As well as the main event – a showing of the classic movie, with some key scenes acted out – there were 50s hair and make up make overs, a photobooth, themed cocktails and movie snacks.

grease pop picturehouse hard rock

grease pop picturehouse hard rock

The actors were brilliant, they really stuck to their roles all night, wandering around talking to guests as though they really were the high school students from the 50s!

grease pop picturehouse hard rock

Here are Lauren of Saharasplash and I with Danny and Kenickie!


Of course, during the performance, shy wallflower me was dragged on stage… And of course Luisa took photos, haha!

grease pop picturehouse hard rock

grease pop picturehouse hard rock

Look how embarrassed I was! (Although that is also an ‘ouch’ face, since Kenickie took me up by my bad arm, haha!)

grease pop picturehouse hard rock

Dress code wise, it was one of those times that anything goes. Some people went all out in costume (one brave lady with an amazing figure made a brilliant bad Sandy!), others hinted at the theme, like myself and Luisa of Eat Sleep Luisa Repeat.

I was really happy when Rizzo told me that, with my pink leather studded jacket, I’d make a great member of the Pink Ladies, haha! Sadly I didn’t get a proper picture of my outfit, but here’s a bad quality bathroom selfie that’ll give you an idea…


Luisa looked gorgeous in a bad Sandy inspired black off the shoulder top, especially after her 50s hair makeover – I think after the evening we all decided that backcombing is the way forward!

grease pop picturehouse hard rock

Well done Hope for putting on a fabulous first event! I can’t wait until the next one, Spiceworld on 22nd February! If you’re free that evening I definitely recommend grabbing a ticket, currently only £10 here! I might be a little braver with a costume for this one!

Psst… Hard Rock London have a new guy on board who has all sorts of fun things planned, so keep an eye on their upcoming events!

L xx

All photos my own, apart from those of me on stage, taken by Luisa.

If you’re interested in any of the performers or make up artists, you can find their details below;

Danny – Bradley Judge

Kenickie – Joshua Wills

Rizzo – Francesca Pim

Sandy – Stephanie Stone

Makeup – Billie Eva Makeup & Ross Kershaw