It’s pretty obvious I like a drink by now, right? And since alcohol and coffee tend to go hand in hand (have to help that hangover somehow, haha!) it’d be an easy guess that I’m quite fond of a brew. So when Joe Blogs invited me along to a coffee afternoon with Currys and Nespresso, I jumped at the chance!

The Cocktails

Okay, so the whole event wasn’t entirely about cocktails but that was predictably my favourite bit of the afternoon, so it’s obviously my focus here!

We were taught to make two different cocktails, both using Nespresso pods. And luckily for me, featuring two of my favourite drinks – Johnnie Walker whisky and Kraken rum.


First we made the whisky cocktail – Vanilla Sky – which ended up tasting a bit like Baileys. It was good, and predictably mine had an extra whisky kick, haha! To make this one you simply mix 50ml whisky (we used Black Label Johnnie Walker), 50ml vanilla gomme, 1 shot of espresso (we used Nespresso Dulsão do Brasil) and 100ml cream and pour into a cognac glass. Nice and easy to make at home.


Next up was the rum cocktail – Kraken Coffee – a bit like a grown up peanut butter milkshake. You need a shaker and strainer for this one otherwise it’ll be a bit lumpy. Just fill the shaker with 50 ml rum (we used Kraken), 1 shot of espresso (we used Nespresso Dharkan), 20ml gomme syrup, 2 teaspoons of peanut butter and chocolate powder. Shake well and strain into a martini glass, and serve with chocolate powder on top. Don’t do what I did and put in extra peanut butter…


Of course I wanted to stay at the bar for another round or two, but I resisted temptation!

The Company

Okay, so since this was an event with Nespresso, I should probably tell you a bit about them. As well as the cocktail station, there were three other stations for us to participate in. One of which was a chat and demonstration with one of their reps, and it was really nice to speak to someone who was so passionate about their product.

The Nespresso machines themselves are admittedly a bit of an investment (starting at £89 RRP for the Inissia model) and pricier than their competitors, but the coffee pods are well priced and long term they work out pretty reasonable. I’m not going to do the maths – too many variables, but if you drink a lot of coffee this is a good buy.


One thing I was pleasantly surprised about was the company’s commitment to recycling, which you can read more about here. The coffee pods are made of aluminium (and have you seen how nice they look?) – not only is aluminium the best choice of material to protect the coffee from oxygen and sunlight, but it is also infinitely recyclable. By collecting and recycling the pods, Nespresso have been able to reduce their environmental impact – recycled aluminium produces only 5% of the carbon emissions compared with primary aluminium. The material is also lightweight, resulting in transport and associated environmental savings.


Some of the Nespresso machine parts for certain models are even made from recycled pods! So if you want your coffee with a conscious, this is the one for you! Seriously though, if it is something you care about or are even a little bit interested in, take a look into their sustainability project ‘The Positive Cup’.

I’m going to be honest – before the event I had no desire for a coffee machine in my life. I just buy my coffee made for me at Starbucks usually. But now I kind of want one. It was a lot simpler, easier to clean up, and cheaper (long term at least) than I’d anticipated.

The Coffee

Obviously we sampled A LOT of coffee. Strong coffee isn’t really for me, I’m more of a mild, flavoured coffee or mocha drinker. But there is something for all tastes (unless you don’t like coffee at all, in which case you can make a killer shake or hot chocolate in the frother! Although really, if you don’t like coffee you probably aren’t reading this post…).nespresso

We had a tasting session, where we learnt about different flavours and aromas, and a little about tastebuds. I found this particularly interesting when we tried the five basic tastes as it seems my tongue doesn’t recognise umami (another word for savoury). This may explain my sweet tooth!

We also tried coffee alongside different chocolate buttons to see how the flavours complimented each other – and they actually did!


Oh and we had a play around learning latte art. Which, quite predictably, I sucked at.

The Venue

I really liked the location for this event – The Fable in Holborn. I love the quirky interior, with shelves of books and bric-a-brac, fairytale quotes all over the place and arguably the best toilets I’ve come across in a London bar.


Having sampled the food (we were provided with a little buffet of nibbles), I’ll definitely be going back to The Fable for dinner at some point! A notable mention goes to the chorizo Scotch egg which was AMAZING. I’m not much of a Scotch egg fan if I’m honest but the chorizo was a nice flavoursome addition and dunking chips in the gooey yolk was fab.


I had a lovely afternoon and had the chance to meet some new bloggers (the highlight being finally meeting Haydy of Squibb Vicious!) so thanks for having me guys! If you’d like to have a read of the official blog post for the event take a look here.

L xx

All photos my own.

Last week I started a little round up of my life post series, it seemed to go down pretty well so I’m going to keep it going, at least for a bit!

This week was a pretty good week, I had a couple of cool blogger events, met some awesome new people and caught up with good friends I hadn’t seen for a while.

An evening with Frank & Jack Daniels

You know by now that I like a bit of JD, right? So obviously I had a fantastic time at an event celebrating 100 years of Sinatra, featuring a showing of the original Oceans 11 movie, some Blackjack and free flowing Whisky Sours and Sinatra Century whisky. More about this on the blog soon.


SuperDry party with Idris Elba

Well, this one was a bit of a let down – but at least I had some good company, including my blogger friend Lauren of Saharasplash.

If you aren’t aware, Idris launched a range of mens clothing with Superdry this week, and we went along to the launch party. Idris made a brief appearance with a bunch of male models on arrival, but afterward was nowhere to be seen. There were complimentary Asahi beers and terrible cocktails but the venue (the Superdry store on Regent Street) was overcrowded and it just wasn’t fun.


Thanksgiving Dinner

We went straight from Superdry to Thanksgiving Dinner at The Breakfast Club, so Thursday evening got a lot better! Good food, great company, and worth of its own post so watch this space.


The Independent Label Market

I was up way too early for a Saturday morning to be first in line at the Exit Records stand at the Independent Label Market at Old Spitalfields Market. My Californian friend Davis is a vinyl collector, so I was sent to haggle for rare test presses – I think I did pretty well, leaving with £173 worth of vinyl!


Expressing my inner Barista with Nespresso & Currys PC World

Now I’m not the biggest coffee drinker, so I wasn’t sure how this one would turn out, but I had such a good time at this Joe Blogs organised event at The Fable in Farringdon. The Johnny Walker and Kraken cocktails were obviously the highlight! But I did also learn a little about coffee…


Bring Me The Horizon

Every time BMTH are playing in or around London I think it’s pretty safe to say I’ll be there, and this time I trekked all the way to Alexandra Palace in Muswell Hill to see my favourite band. As usual, they didn’t disappoint.


So that’s my week in a few paragraphs! Anyone get up to anything good?

L xx

All photos my own.