Welcome to part two of my holiday food diary!

Day Four – San Diego

Okay, so this isn’t technically food or even at all interesting but it’s my favourite drink and hard to come by in England, so I had to give the massive bottle of grape soda I drank on the drive from San Bernardino to San Diego a mention. I must have drunk about 8 litres of this in a week!

Look at my pale legs…


Anyway, we skipped breakfast, as the plan was to hit a restaurant featured on Man Vs FoodPhil’s BBQ for lunch. Obviously, Phil’s is deserving of its own post, so watch this space!

But you can have a little sneaky peek of my main course…


Unsurprisedly, we didn’t really need dinner, but since I’m always hungry I picked up a teriyaki chicken bowl and huge slice of red velvet cake from Ralphs supermarket (while hunting for somewhere I could buy Ole Smoky Moonshine that I drank at Knotfest) to eat on our patio.


The chicken was kind of dry (it doesn’t even look great in the picture…) but the cake was amazing. Oh and that Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade pictured? Not bad. Which is lucky since we had a whole box of them.

Day Five – San Diego

Skipped breakfast, again. Which is crazy, because I’m obsessed with American breakfast restaurants! Anyway, I met up with one of my favourite Americans, Ivette, at the Fashion Valley Mall where she works, for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. I love, love, love The Cheesecake Factory.

I’m one of those annoying people who finds something they like at a restaurant and orders nothing else. But this time I thought I’d try something new. I started with the Pretzel Crusty Chicken.


Theis was pretty much perfect, the pretzel coating was crisp and the chicken breast inside was moist – and both dipping sauces (honey mustard and ranch) went really well with the hint of pretzel flavour. These may have over taken my usual Crispy Fried Cheese as starter of choice…


And instead of my usual Teriyaki Chicken I went for Orange Chicken. I first had orange chicken at Chin Chin Cafe inside New York New York in Las Vegas about ten years ago (holidaying in Vegas with my parents, haha!) and loved it, it’s like a better version of sweet and sour. Now I have it somewhere every time I go to America (usually Panda Express though!). This was the cheaper, smaller lunchtime portion – but there was nothing small about it, it was so filling.


I was pretty full by the time I was done with my main, but it was October and that means pumpkin so I couldn’t not have cheesecake! Pumpkin Pecan is my cheesecake of choice, and I stuck with it, with no regrets!


Oh and I also had Hibiscus Lemonade – never tried that before!

And then later I went to Starbucks and had the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher (my favourite). I have a real thing for hibiscus at the moment. I blame Ivette.


Another night where we didn’t really want dinner, but we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and it was wing night so I ended up with wings… Only four though, in Asian Zing (chilli, soy and ginger) sauce. Oh, and pretzels with queso because y’know, I’m Austrian and go crazy for soft pretzels. And I’m now sitting here craving them and that spicy, cheesy dip…


Beer cocktails are new to me, but I thought I’d give the Strawberry Kickin Coronarita a go. Now I need more beer cocktails in my life.


And I finished with a raspberry lemonade when I’d had too much beer…


Day Six – San Diego & Los Angeles

A day that I finally had breakfast! And it was the breakfast I’d been looking forward to – at Broken Yolk Cafe, another Man Vs Food featured eatery! You’ll have to wait for it’s own post for details. I had a Mexican twist on an eggs benedict.


Dinner at Saddle Ranch Chop House will also need its own post. Yeah, I know, why did I even bother including day six, haha! And yes, that is marshmallow on my side dish…

There was a lot of marshmallow in that meal!

After dinner we went on to Rock and Reilly’s for drinks. I tried one of the Beer Flights – the Mutations which had the following; Black Velvet (Guinness atop of champagne), White Velvet (Kilkenny atop of champagne), The Mick Dundee (Guinness atop of ginger beer) and Black/Blue (Guinness atop Hefeweizen). The Mick Dundee wasn’t for me (ginger isn’t my thing), but the rest were good.


We then moved on to more drinks at The Viper Room, but there are no photo’s and everything gets a little hazy after that!

So that’s days four to six, watch this space for the next instalment! If you haven’t seen part one, you can check it out here.

L xx

All photos my own.

I love my food, so this will be a long post! I had planned on just doing one food post for the whole trip, but that’s just not going to be possible…

Day One – Airport Food (Amsterdam, somewhere over the Atlantic and Seattle)

Ok, so technically this isn’t really US trip food (at least not until you get down to the McDonalds, haha) but I like to be concise.

I started the trip with a breakfast pretzel from Starbucks at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. It was AMAZING. I love pretzels, and I love pretzel bread even more. This one was filled with prosciutto, provolone and sun dried tomato spread. Why does England have the dullest Starbucks options in the entire world? Trust me – more Starbucks to come.


We flew with Delta for the main flight, and I have to admit the food wasn’t bad for plane food. I’m not someone who’s particularly negative about plane food, although after an awful food experience with Swiss to Tokyo I tend to take my own snacks. But Delta provided a decent chicken option, and it was served with a pretzel roll – and we’ve already established how I feel about pretzels.

Do you like my attempt at making plane food look semi decent…?


Delta also provided a really good vanilla ice cream pot swirled with chocolate. I don’t normally like vanilla or chocolate sauce but this was crazy good!

My final meal of the day, and my first in actual America, was at McDonalds at Seattle-Tacoma airport. I went for the chicken bacon club – it was way better than anything I’ve ever had at a McDonalds before, anywhere in the world (I have this thing about trying the McDonalds in every country I visit). Even the bun was a soft brioche – delicious.


For my drink I tried the sweet tea I always see Americans raving about. That was a mistake.


Oh, and obviously I grabbed a Starbucks for the final flight from Seattle to Sacramento. I went with the Beast Mode frappuccino – a special created with Marshawn Lynch (the running back for the Seattle Seahawks) which I assume is unique to Seattle? Anyway, Beast Mode is the name of his clothing line.


With mocha and mint and topped with matcha and berry drizzle, it looked really pretty, and had extra protein powder. Which obviously I really need in my diet, but whatever.


I love how, in America, they’re so supportive of their local sports teams. The McDonalds at Sea-Tec was covered in Seattle Seahawks flags, and wreaths in their colours.


We couldn’t have that over here, places would just get vandalised by the fans of opposing teams. And that kind of behaviour people of England, is pretty much why WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS. Rant over.

Day Two – Sacramento & Aftershock

Obviously when in America you have to go to Denny’s right? And with it being October, and me being the pumpkin obsessed basic white girl I am, I had to order the pumpkin pecan pancake breakfast. They were delicious and pretty much tasted like Christmas. Another reason England sucks – severe lack of pumpkin products.


I should have just got the pancakes on their own really, but I went for the full breakfast which included eggs (mine were over hard – I’d never heard of that before, only over easy), streaky bacon and hash browns. I love American hash browns.  But, SO MUCH FOOD.

I kind of regretted the big breakfast because I love festival food, and American festival food is a million times better than British festival food (are you seeing the trend here? USA>UK, haha!). So I only managed a sandwich at Aftershock.


But it was an AMAZING SANDWICH. The ‘Tricycle Sandwich’ from Drewskis food truck (which has apparantly been voted Sacramentos best food truck three years in a row – and I see why!), it was described as the ‘ultimate grilled cheese’ containing cheddar, havarti and swiss cheeses on sweet French bread. And of course I added bacon.


Actually, looking back, I didn’t actually eat that much for me on day two. Especially considering the numerous JD cocktails… Oh well.

Day Three – En route to San Bernardino & Knotfest

So I made up for Saturday’s minimal food on Sunday… We didn’t bother with breakfast but stopped off en route for my favourite, Carls Jr. I normally go for the teriyaki burger at Carls, but this time I tried one of the thickburgers. It was good. And I’m crazy for the fried courgette (or zucchini as they like to call them).


Last time I went to Knotfest I was really impressed with the food – the Chinese and Mexican stands were amazing. I’ll touch on this a bit more in an actual post about Knotfest, but those exact same food stands were there again this year in the exact same places! So for lunch I went for orange chicken (orange chicken is yet another thing I love that we don’t have here in England).


And for dinner I went for Mexican from the truck in the VIP area. Carne asada quesadilla, yum. You can tell by the picture I was a little worse for wear by this point… I think I just really wanted to get my favourite Black Milk Clothing lace up leggings in the picture, haha!


I also really, really like the drinks available at Knotfest – cocktails made with Coldcock Whiskey and Ole Smoky Moonshine. LOVE. I keep meaning to buy some of the moonshine to bring home, but I can never find anywhere that stocks it!


So that’s days one to three, check out the next instalment!

L xx

All photos my own.